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O Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on April 24, 2008

The searches for today made me pause for a giggle or two.  Hope you get one too!


happy Easter!  ….HUH?  Thought that was quite a while back, must be in another country???


canvas garages  ….love it when someone is browsing!!!


link:  …this search under Google pulls up my Wii post…WT?


Mary Kay Pushers  ….never heard that before and laughed my head off.



5 Responses to “O Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…”

  1. Angie said

    Those search words are funny! I get some wild ones too..MK pushers are too funny..sounds like drugs..Canvas there such a thing?


  2. Mercedes said

    I haven’t had any wild ones lately~except the Can’t Poop~which takes them to Patch’s post about having a hard time pooping. Have a great day!

  3. Poor Patch, love his heart! Last I check he was doing better. I’ll be over to check! You have a great evening!

  4. Mercedes said

    Hey Deb,

    Thanks for the nice comment about Patch! I have some bad news and I have posted about it. Patch left us yesterday to wait for us at The Rainbow Bridge. We decided it was the right time and he is now no longer suffering. Thanks for you continued support and prayers during this long journey. Love Ya! Mere

  5. I love you sweetheart, huge hug. What wonderful grace and help you’ve shown to so many others during such a diffcult time. You are a blessing to us all, just as Patch was a great blessing to you and yours. That sweet face of his knew love and gave lots of love. You know you’re in my prayers.

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