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The Church of Oprah

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on April 25, 2008


If you haven’t seen this yet, it is worth a peek. 

I’m going to discuss the content of what Oprah and Tolle are talking about and the “new age” religion (and that is what it will become despite other intentions).

People who do so well for themselves in “this world” terms have a very difficult time dealing with it.  Winfrey has looked to Tolle (for now) because he is telling her what she wants to hear or believe…or feel (whatever term they want to use). 

It is difficult for people like Tolle and Winfrey to imagine that this in itself is ideology and easily could produce a “religion.”  They are searching and believe they’ve found the “answer” to it all.

My questions; What if an inner spirit wants to be negative, hurt people, hurt the people who support the church of Oprah for example.  Is that okay if the inner self wants to do negative works or negative things?  This is where it comes back to “I Universe” junk or new age “that I am in control of everything around me” and in my life.  WHAT? 

I’m sure we don’t all believe the same even if we all went to the same church, synagogue, temple, mosque, cathedral, etc.  Since we all have free-will and make a choice to either listen or ignore God then YES, we do make our own beds in many ways; however one cannot control the missed path of another who decides to drink and then drive their vehicle into an innocent.  THAT certainly didn’t get planned in most days; it is a consequence of an action.

Which brings me to something else…we are NOT machines.  It seems that scientists, physicists, mathematicians, even some physicians try to break humans down into these systematic beings.  Some I’ve heard think at some point we will be able to describe and explain everything through math and physics.  HAAAAAAAA!  Got to laugh at that one.  Because just when they get things so figured out…BAM!  They discover something they never saw or considered before. 

I’m all for trying to understand things and learning, discovering with awe and wonder, not with pompous, self-important, effacing purpose.

The truth is no one knows.  We believe we know, we feel we know, we think we know, we have faith but we don’t know.


5 Responses to “The Church of Oprah”

  1. Angie said

    Hey girl, I just did a post on Oprah too. Fine minds think alike..LOL!
    Oprah has a lot of power and influence..’to whom much is given, much is required’. Kinda scary eh?
    We have to be very careful with this sort of actually is revived old age called new age, all the way from ancient Babylon.

    Hugs to ya

  2. momster said

    lol, I was feeling all self-righteous while reading your commentary and thinking how easily people are swayed to new ideas, tsk, tsk. But, I belong to the United Methodist Church and a few hundred years ago the term “Methodist” was meant to ridicule this new upstart group! I am not so good about judging which new idea is good and which is a crackpot idea. Frankly, I gave up on Oprah worship a loooong time ago. Way too many people blindly follow her lead and that has been shown to be a mistake many times. A former pastor of mine was fond of saying, “our church’s doors are wide enough that you can bring your head in.” He wanted people to THINK, and was letting everyone know that it is ok to question. We don’t question enough things nowadays, and that is a huge mistake. I am frequently guilty of that myself so can’t point my finger to obviously – lol. But, yes, as Angie said, it is scary for someone to have so much influence.

    *waving to old friends*

  3. Yes, Ang we definitely are kindred spirits, but aren’t all us mountain mamas? **wink** You are so right, she does have great influence over many, no doubt about it. I loved the word sheeples that someone used on your comments! ha! I completely believe that she believes that she is helping others by doing this. I also think her perspective of it and herself are warped. Not many stop to peck her on the shoulder and say, “Hey Oprah, something isn’t quite right” or when someone does she tells them to bug off. **sheeple grin** Sorry couldn’t resist!

    Hi Momster, a big wave and hug to you too. The questions and the learning are why I love the internet because I could talk about this stuff all day and night. I think it is so interesting so occasionally I have to bite off a small piece to chew on and learn from to keep that “sweet tooth” at bay. Ha!
    I remember that this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing (for others it is, Ang for example) and God is in control.

  4. Hey Angie and Momster! CG, I had been thinking about this post of yours for weeks, but hadn’t commented yet. Then I went with my family to the library on Saturday and we checked out a huge bag of books for the kids. On the way from the elevator to the check-out desk, I stopped at the “new books” shelf and Eckhart Tolle’s book called out to me from that shelf. Seriously. It made me stop in my tracks and stare at it. So I checked it out and I am a few chapters into it. Since you love deep thinkers and appreciate important questions being raised, I actually think you would get a lot out of this book. Give it a chance. 🙂

  5. I haven’t read it, only excerpts. Even in those excerpts there are things I can agree with or I personally find as truth. My next trip to the library I’ll get it and read it through. I think very highly of you and trust your though process; and of course I like to think I’m open-minded and deep! 😉

    Even if they don’t “mean to” this kind of stuff produces religions. Not saying that in a judging way because I think most religions are trying to interpret God and what the followers believe He wants in a good way or a way to live a good life by.

    The danger I see in the “new age” type (which I see direct correlation here) is (I believe) that I (or anyone else) control everything in their life. I don’t subscribe to the notion that everyone who gets cancer brings it on by yada, yada, yada. Even if some diseases are produced by risky behavior or stress I can’t subscribe to this across the board on all cancers or all diseases or illness.

    Thanks FW for your thoughts on this! I really hold your thoughts in great regard.

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