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About Humans

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on May 6, 2008

I don’t pretend to be a doctor or anyone who knows all about things.  I do know one thing that bothers me about some doctors who try to break us down into systems or machines.  As if that is ALL we are as humans.  As if we can eventually explain everything in the human body (or the universe) in the same terms as a machine or a systematic number equation to the finite. 

When we decide to think that we know everything about how the brain, chemicals, genes, etc. relate to one another I wonder what we will use as the “model” machine?  And exactly which mechanic will you trust to give you a tune up?  What constitutes the tune up?  Maybe the sci-fi movies aren’t so far from reality if doctors think they really know it already.  We need the differences that we’ve developed. 

Don’t we NEED differences so that the things I’m not good at doing, someone else can do and vice versa. 

This is one small reason why I struggle about telling our story.  I really don’t see us as any different than any one else in life.  I love my son just as he is, I see my job as helping him to learn coping skills as opposed to changing him or his wonderful mind.  Most of the time my son is one of the happiest kids I’ve had the pleasure to be around.  

I’d written the previous before today (5-6-8).  I’m having difficulty sharing which is completely foreign to me.  But today I was blessed with a beautiful sight.  I had to share. 

As I walked to the school to register my son I saw five smiling, flapping boys come out of the building, one skipped, two others were talking in excited tones, one making happy sounds, another running toward the field.  I saw a tall slender man walking quickly behind them.  I smiled.  I smiled wide and long and looked at them; feeling their happiness, feeling their freedom,  feeling their joy at experiencing the day and a break from school work.  I thought of the teacher, the joy this can bring him too or the concern it could give as to later in the day lessons.  How blessed is this world for ALL these humans?  How blessed that they get to know the joy of the day?  How blessed I was to get to experience this joy from afar but with them? 

Thank God for the students, thank God for the teacher, thank God for the day, thank God for humans. 

Like Humans Do by David Byrne:



6 Responses to “About Humans”

  1. Goldie said

    This hit home. You know that I too have been struggling with labels and “boxes”. I think that the human brain is so complex and there are so many variations in the neurological patterns. Who is to say that Autism is a disability? Maybe it is just different. People with high-functioning autism often have a greater capacity and interest in certain subjects. You can have autism AND be brilliant! Like this girl, SO much smarter than me.
    Would you be surprised to learn that the school system struggled with how to label her and meet her needs growing up, and she was at times labeled “special needs” and other times “gifted”??

  2. Wow! Thanks Goldie! I love the name of the site right off the bat! You find some really good sites!

    It is a struggle sometimes, Goldie. Seems like so many things must be “labeled” or categorized to get what is needed. I really understand why there seems to be a movement to home school.

    We have to try our best not to get too mired down in “it” and help our kids be the best they can be. Caring as much as we do is a big plus for our kids because when we seek, we will find. In doing so we also teach our kids to do the same thing. 🙂

  3. Angie said

    “Who is to say that Autism is a disability? Maybe it is just different. People with high-functioning autism often have a greater capacity and interest in certain subjects. You can have autism AND be brilliant” loved that comment by Goldie.

    CG, I love your thought provoking posts.. you shoot straight from the heart and it is a blessing to me.. Thank you, I know you are a blessing to your family and friends.


  4. Goldie said

    oh my, thanks angie!

    And I agree, I love CG’s posts too. she makes me think and is a breath of fresh air.

  5. Well ladies, the feeling is mutual to both of you. I find your posts thought provoking and very interesting. I am drawn in to two beautiful, spiritual, intelligent women…I’m the blessed one!

  6. AHAHAHHHHAHH…I what to expound and say…blessed by knowing and reading your blogs…that is how I’m being blessed. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day! love to all

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