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Ignorance is bliss to those who profit by it!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on May 12, 2008

The title of this post has been my mantra for awhile.  I’ve decided to change it and wanted to share some thoughts on what I’ve learned from my old mantra.  It is my desire to keep you from stumbling on some of these like I did.

My take on the infomercial people:  they are hoping that a few million people will purchase their product, gadget, book, etc. and at $19.99 to $39.99 a pop, they will become at least a millionaire.  Forget the money back guarantee or the life time guarantee…got a Ginsu Knife you want to get replaced?  Good luck!  The refund/warranty is only as good as long as the company stays in business.  The sellers are betting (with good odds) that your item will collect dust before you’d go to the trouble of sending it back for a refund/use a warranty.

Beware of half-truths, for instance one of the infomercials running of late has a woman selling her method/book on property something or other.  The paid interviewer states something about her best selling book…cough, gasp, wheeze…emphasis should be on HER because it is the only book she’s ever sold, of course it is HER best seller. 

Even when the company/person you think you’d like to deal with has a great reputation…CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!  Deal with people your friends and neighbors have dealt with AFTER you’ve ALSO read the fine print, checked with the Better Business Bureau (and read the next paragraph).  I’d also check the internet and watch out for multi-level marketing, there are tons of them and more starting everyday.  Nothing wrong with offering a product but when you are supposed to get more people to sell it than purchase it from you…BEWARE!

Watch out for the bait and switch.  It has become very popular, even among people of “reputation.”   We were baited and switched by a friend of a friend AND THE “FRIEND” KNEW; she didn’t want to say anything/be involved in the transaction between us.  HUH?  Note to self: don’t confuse the word acquaintance with the word friend, no matter how friendly.  

Actions will always speak louder than words.  Start looking for the actions that are in direct conflict of the words.  Words must be backed up by past and/or present action or the words are only a promise/dream.  Notice how the media tell you not to put yourself in any danger but if you can get video or a picture of that tornado passing over your head, send ‘er in!  Then they play the video over and over and over at nausea with a small credit at the bottom of the screen.  Yep, THEY are looking out for YOU!

Now more than ever it is BUYER BEWARE!


3 Responses to “Ignorance is bliss to those who profit by it!”

  1. bait and switch… Yup. that be the biggest MK gripe, ‘eh? Come for a facaial! Oh, you’ve had one in the last month, come sit through this motivational speaker of the N$D and sign up for $100. It’s easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission…

    Excuse me while I go hurl now…

  2. Randomability, I never thought about MK that way! I’m thankful that I never followed/listened to some of that garbage when I was in MK.

  3. Angie said

    You are so right..I rarely order from TV. when I moved here I thought the space bags were cheaper than at walmart or whereever, so I ordered some..That was in January..still don’t have the bags..
    Bait and switch? many years ago when I was a real young new Mom..I got the idea I would like to sew, so back then they had door to door salesmen..What a deal! for very little I could get a sewing machine..did not matter that I did not know how..I was gonna learn..long story short..Bait and switch to another that made that one seem so! So non sewing woman here got an expensive machine that I barely could use…years later gave it to my sister in law that really could sew..Guess we all have to learn. 🙂 Darn it, wish we did not have to learn through experience..LOL!

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