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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on May 20, 2008

photo by bonnieanddan



It puzzles me that so many great minds of the last century (and many now) think we can decode the cosmos and laws of nature.  They seem to think, if it can’t be defined by physics or the “sciences” then by jingies it just CAN’T be.  NOOOO, we sure can’t disect those touchie, feelie things.  We’ve got to hold those things back with a ten foot pole because that can’t possibly be where our evolution is taking us. 

***LONG PAUSE***  😉

Such smart, unopened minds that won’t allow room for God, spirit or being “in tune” with one another…call me a flake, I think they aren’t as smart as they think they are!  We are connected by God, instincts, our souls, mystical awareness or what ever one would call it.  I believe it is real and can be found by anyone seeking to connect.  After all we still except the deep rooted, “fight or flight” instinct, few would dispute we have survival instincts, however many doubt and nullify our spirit, unconditional love, telepathy or psychic ability altogether.  

It is as if we all must first experience something to believe or fully understand. 

Learning to have faith, learning to trust God and our “instincts” and the patience to withstand the wait of when we get to know the answers takes real faith.  To me, real faith means doing something that you believe God wants you to do or you are supposed to do even when you are scared, tired, lazy, depressed, lack funds, are doubtful,  are distracted, afraid it looks/sounds strange to others, worried about how others judge you, when it is difficult.


Hope you all know I write these for myself, sorry to be so selfish but I’m sharing hoping it will help you.  Many times this is how God “talks” to me.  Even if I can’t understand it right now, maybe I will when He needs me to do so. 

Note to blogger buddies:  I ask you to say a prayer for my Dad.  I know you will so thanks.   Several things are pressing down hard and my time is little of late.  I’ll check in as I can with you all and hope to be back to finish our Difference story soon.  Peace and love from me to you, Debi


photo by bonnieanddan


16 Responses to “Instincts”

  1. vicchin said

    Just connecting with my brothers and sisters. Keep well.

  2. Okay, now I know you’ve definitely got to read Tolle’s book. Peace and love to you. I am praying for your dad.

  3. High Hopes said

    Great post Deb. Prayers for your dad.

  4. Thanks Vicchin, you keep well too.

    FW, I am going tomorrow to get the book. Thanks for your prayers.

    Thanks HH, thank you so much for your prayers too. I know they help!

  5. Lofter said

    Definitely in my prayers, my friend.

    For whatever reason, your post conjured up memories of the movie, “Contact” (Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey from 1997). In it, McConaughey plays Palmer Joss, a modern-day preacher… or as he described himself “a man of the cloth, without the cloth.”
    Foster’s character, Ellie Arroway, is pure science, not believing in God at all. At one point, she says, “So what’s more likely? That an all-powerful, mysterious God created the Universe, and decided not to give any proof of his existence? Or, that He simply doesn’t exist at all, and that we created Him, so that we wouldn’t have to feel so small and alone?”
    Arroway challenges Joss to prove God’s existence. In response, they exchange the following dialogue:

    Joss: “Did you love your father?”
    Arroway: “What?”
    Joss: “Your dad. Did you love him?”
    Arroway: “Yes, very much.”
    Joss: “Prove it.”

    Of course, she couldn’t prove it – but she knew it was true, because her heart told her so. Your post is right on the nose. People are too quick to dismiss anything/everything they can’t see, hear, touch, taste or smell… if it’s not tangible, it can’t be real. What a sad untruth. Faith is, indeed, the evidence of things unseen.
    Paul writes in I Corinthians, “Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?” (v1:20) And again, “But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” (v1:27)
    Follow where He leads, my friend, no matter where that is… no matter what the cost. It won’t be easy, but definitely it will be worth it!
    Great post! Please forgive my lengthy comment! 🙂

  6. Lofter, love your comment and love the movie. I frequently remember those lines from Contact. I do see God’s love. I do see when people love me by their actions. I see unconditional love when someone does something for me that we both know I can never repay (and vice versa). So I will do those things other people don’t understand or think I’m a fool because I know unconditional love has been given to me and I want to give it back and to others as much as possible. I WANT to pass it on (love that song). Thanks for your prayer and words of encouragement! Prayers coming right back at you!

  7. Lofter said

    Thanks! I’ll take all the prayer I can get! 🙂

  8. Lofter said

    Hey! You’ve been tagged for the “Hope” meme! You can thank me later… 😀

  9. indigestibly says : I absolutely agree with this !

  10. Mercedes said

    Prayers have been said and are being said now! Bless you during this time! *hey lofter*

  11. Mercedes said

    I have something for you at my place! I hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much!


  12. gr8tful said

    I will be praying for your dad! Dads are so special to us as we get older!
    HUGS to you and your dad!!!!!

  13. Angie said

    Sorry I have been so late in coming over. Believe it or not..I have thought of you often even though I have been ‘out’. lol!

    Lofter sure said everything better than I ever could. I loved that movie too and the lines were unforgettable.

    I so relate with your statement “To me, real faith means doing something that you believe God wants you to do or you are supposed to do even when you are scared, tired, lazy, depressed, lack funds, are doubtful, are distracted, afraid it looks/sounds strange to others, worried about how others judge you, when it is difficult.”

    It does not take too long visiting here and reading some of your posts that one can see how loving and thoughtful you are, AND a woman with faith evergrowing.

    I am praying for you and your Dad. I know how it hurts and worries us so when we are concerned with our loved ones. Don’t worry about us, do what you have to do..we love you and will be here for you.

    Lots of love, prayers and hugs

  14. Tony said

    “God wants you to do or you are supposed to do even when you are scared, tired, lazy, depressed”

    I didn’t go to church tonight because I was tired & lazy
    A touching post & equally touching photo

  15. Goldie said

    Deeeeeeeeeeebb, where ARE youuuuuuuuuuu… hows it going?

    I like this post. I think God is bigger than we understand. I was just going on and on at FW about how I have felt God speak to me, but that concept also makes some people nervous. YOU seem pretty connected!

  16. Thanks everyone. Lots going on now. I’m checking in to your blogs as I have time. Thanks so much for all your prayers. Hugs to you all! Deb

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