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And then there were NONE

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 23, 2008


We need a leader:  a person who has commanding authority or influence;  who is forbearing: To be tolerant or patient in the face of provocation; with a clear vision (recited orally and written): Unusual competence in discernment or perception; intelligent foresight.

In other words a presidential candidate who can actually lead us with forbearance and vision.  I’ve not seen this in either Dem or Rep candidate because they are so busy cowering to whichever way the media wind blows…is there anyone who can stand up to be their own person and say what they mean and mean what they say without apology?  Seems the answer is NO, because they will get into the position and do whatever they want.  Let’s see…how far back do we need to go to find a president who held high ideals without the ego of high office? 

Then I ask myself, ‘Who leads this country?’  Apparently the mainstream media and those that own it. 

How do we get it back from them? 


9 Responses to “And then there were NONE”

  1. Lofter said

    I see the same depressing thing that you do, my friend. The sheeple of this country are truly kept like mushrooms, for the most part… in the dark and fed ca-ca by the mainstream media. (Which, by the way, is only in it for the money!) I’m not sure what we have to do to get it back, but I’m sure we’ll not be electing anyone this go around who will do us any good. Both are clowns in my book.
    We’re definitely not alone though. I saw a comment on another blog today that was signed by Mike, from the Divided States of Embarrassment. Speaks volumes, huh. Sort of makes you wonder what people like Thomas Jefferson would be thinking right about now…

  2. Mercedes said

    I agree totally! I am so scared as to what is going to happen in the future. I am lost as for who to vote for AND who not to vote for (what I sometimes do) this year! It is some wild and crazy stuff-yo! LOL
    I have something for ya at my place:
    Tree of Happiness Award!

    You make me happy! Thanks for your kind words and for checking in on me!

  3. Amen! Yes, it does make me wonder and sad if I think on it too long.

  4. Girl if I could just get half your energy and stamina I would be soooooooooooooooooo happy! Thanks Mer!

  5. Angie said

    Wish I had Mercedes energy too..she is a dynamo!
    All I can say is it is very disheartening. I am so concerned about the future for our children and grandchildren..I know we should not worry..we should do the best we informed…pray and know that God is ultimately in charge. I don’t mean it is His desire that we have come to this point in our history. Far from it. I do believe that when a Nation turns its back on God and slipped into so much moral decay..He will let us practice it with the free will He has given us..but one day He will have the final say. I just hate for our country to go through the suffering that ultimately comes when we remove Him from our will.

    Sorry for all the rambling on..much too deep for my brain tonight but I ask myself the same questions you ask..All I know is that we must try..

    Hugs Deb,
    ps still wish you would run for office..Heck, start with community organizing..:)

  6. Mercedes said

    I have something for you at my place: Love Me Award!

    Love Ya,

    p.s. I am trying to catch up on passing my awards-aaahhhhh-two more to go-lol!

  7. Thanks Mer, you are so sweet AND loved!

    Angie, you and I have so many thoughts that are the exact same. The future of my kids, that is exactly why I’m here at home instead of working because FOR ME (not judging what others do at all) I need to know that I’m helping them learn to think about the little decisions, little issues, little battles, and so on for when they start making the big ones. I want them to know who they are, where they come from, what works for them, what doesn’t, how to know what truth is, WHY it is better to tell the truth and live a life with morals, to be secure in the knowledge that they are needed in this world no matter what it is that God leads them to do or what their gifts are…they matter (especially my big boy)! I believe I’m setting them up to have happiness all through life by helping them cope with the difficulties instead of pushing the hard stuff to the side to deal with later. I believe I’m helping them be good stewards of what little we have instead of managing/amassing a lot of stuff that they really don’t need or want because those things will never fill a person up…never. So in conclusion to this ramble (see you aren’t the only one, ha) I salute those that work AND do all this AND the other stuff (like washing, cooking, cleaning, etc.). I admit they have more energy or are more efficient than moi! Hugs to ya Ang, you are a wonderful woman!

  8. Angie said

    I admire you greatly. If one is able to be at home with their children, I believe there is no higher calling. I once heard it said, show me a man his first 7 years and I will show you the man. I believe many of us can rise above and do much more and surpass in all ways..morals, the whole works if you will from our upbringing..but how much easier is it for one to find their way with such as you are doing with your children..There is no price tag on that. No amount of money can purchase that.

    I think you are an awesome woman! well, wonderful too!

    I confess I teared up when I first read that and could not answer for a day or two..I feel too many shortcomings but I thank you dear one.


  9. Oh my Ang…no shortcomings in anyone!!!! We are all called to do different things and those things that I’ve been called to do are things I strive to do. I’m by NO means better than anyone, I’m called to do what I’m called to do. Sometimes it is easy to do these things and sometimes NOT easy to do them. I’ve wrestled with working and more money versus less money and more interaction, teaching, creativity and volunteerism for years. I’m in a holding pattern with Young Son going into kindergarten in the Fall. If I am listening and patient God will reveal the next step.

    The admiration is mutual! Hugs!

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