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The Waiting Game

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 28, 2008

I need some freedom from this unknown (ripping hair out of head).   Our job situation and where we will land.


Patience is a virtue and I’m showing my lack there of lately.  Ever been there, done that? 

Patience builds perseverance….hang in there!  It is NOT panic time yet!!!  It takes time for God to work things out sometimes for better than we imagined.    


Okay, I have my moments.  ha  This one has passed.  Thanks for listening, understanding because we’ve all been there and done that!  🙂


It really does take time to get things set up…God has to move mountains AND people too! ha  


Have a great weekend. 


Love & Peace




4 Responses to “The Waiting Game”

  1. Angie said

    I am afraid that patience is one thing I have always feared to pray for..all the things one must go through to reach that virtue..I would be crying Mercy!

    Oh well, I can share this with you..When my family has gone through the waiting game..waiting for the job to go through..waiting for the house to sell because we had bought another…waiting..waiting..on the knees praying…whining really. (I found an old journal I had written once..full of my prayers and complaints and questions to was wonderful to find that old friend..but was I a whiner and I appeared to have no faith at all…I was!)

    It would always be at the very last minute…when it seemed all hope was lost..Now I find if I ask, then thank Him that He knows all things and thank Him for taking care of us and our needs..It seems to be a tad faster. Just a tad or perhaps I just feel that way as I am learning to trust a tad more on this journey.

    I’m telling you, that journal of mine makes me laugh now..It was about 29-30 years ago that I started it.It was good for me to find it as I can see how I was and how God answered in His way even though I was of ‘little faith’.

    It will come His time..what a statement you made..”God has to move Mountains And people too!” How true.


  2. Thank you Angie! I know it His time that is the right time. It helps to know that others tackle the same issues even when trying our best to walk in faith. He told us that the way is narrow and boy is that the truth. But what a wonderful person we become as He molds us…it is ALWAYS for good!

  3. Yup. Things have a way of working out in His own terms and time table. {{{Hugs}}} to you.

  4. Hugs to you too R!!!!

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