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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 28, 2008

What washes against your shore?

We send out waves every day, we also get hit by waves every day.

If money is stolen from a bank (doesn’t have to be a bank, it can be any large “this isn’t going to hurt anyone” place) and then the person who stole it buys some clothes for their family.  One wave washes over the owner of the clothing store in a positive way and then that money is used as it goes through a regular cycle of spending, investment, etc.  But what about the wave that is sent from stealing the money where does it go and what shore does it land on?



3 Responses to “Waves”

  1. Angie said

    In a simple way,It goes to the shore of the one who took whatever wrongly. This can apply to every area of our lives. I can never do wrong and not ‘hurt anyone else’. Sad to say, but every action whether good or bad affects many many others. Kinda like the reaping what we sow.

    I do believe this goes much deeper and can deeply cause an effect for a long time to innocent parties..Too long for those thoughts now..but it is so much as you describe..a wave..and whose shore indeed will the wave that I may send or be the cause land on. Thus the innocent get hit by the wave. Pain and suffering..cause and effect..I better stop.

    This is really a good post for thinking..I know we could all share more but I will stop rambling for now.. Deep Thoughts….Cant help but think of the old Sat Night Live and their Deep Thoughts section..LOL!:)

    Here’s waves of hugs to ya!

  2. Sweetie, I think we have mind meld!!!! ha Really I just couldn’t go on with the vastness of this post. One could write a book on it, eh?!

    That is one reason why I believe that Jesus said it so simply and elegantly,

    “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”

    What a world this would be if everyone did it…the vastness of those waves would be unimaginably wonderful!

    We humans make things much more complicated than need be in an effort to understand all…and much of it may never be understood (at least while we are in human form).

    Sending waves of love your way!

  3. Lofter said

    The wave of the stolen money usually ends up lapping at the shore of my employer… and the person responsible is generally surfing it right in. The wave then ripples into many different directions, the combination of which comprise the multi-billion dollar prison industry in our country.
    Sad, but true.
    If we all loved our neighbor as ourselves, then we would be helping to provide the clothing that needy family had to steal to get. But we are a long way from that, aren’t we. And sometimes I think we’re getting further away every day.
    Perhaps that’s why the Psalmist wrote about being led beside the “still waters”… those who are rowing the boat are usually too busy to make waves. 😀

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