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And the survey says…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on July 22, 2008

How many times have you been asked about taking a survey?  About a million?  They catch you at the mall or phone during dinner or offer you a chance for cash if call them with your opinion or my favorite just as you are on the way to the bathroom your doorbell rings!  Trying to be polite while doing the pee-pee dance isn’t fun nor is it easy!!!!

I issued a challenge to readers at Fighting Windmills to just stop particiapating in surveys.

Here’s what I said, ” I’d like to challenge everyone: Refuse to comply or stop taking the surveys that ask us about our ethnic background, economic standing, gender, whether we have kids, you know, they are every where these days. I think these types of things fan the flames and give advertisers and media more power; more power to divide and conquer as opposed to join/enjoy each other.”

I realize that there are important surveys that make differences for low income, education grants, etc.  I’m speaking to all the advertising/media type surveys. I think C’s idea was brilliant!  Go read the whole post when you can it is a great post.


One Response to “And the survey says…”

  1. I’m in! Not that I get many survey’s.. LOL!!

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