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Cleaning House!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on July 29, 2008

If you have a quick second I need your input. 

My vacuum just died and I’m having a party!!!  Seriously, it was a Sears, I’ll never buy anything there again, Kenmore and I HATED it!

 So I’m asking for input about what you’d get or got that you love.  I DID love my previous Sears, old school when a customer was valued, Kenmore canister (1983 to 2001 they don’t make them like that any more).  

Can you tell I’ve had a HUGE falling out with Sears???  I’ll leave that for another time cause I’ve got dust bunnies a-matin’! ha

I’ve read reviews until my eyes are crossed! 

 I’ve looked at Rainbows, Orecks, Eureka and Miele.  I’ve tried the Dirt Devils and some wind tunnel types via friends and they didn’t impress me at all.   Detractors to Rainbow are expense and water problems, Oreck I’ve heard that stuff binds on the brush and it gets clogged up, Eureka are mixed and I mean mixed reviews, Miele I’ve heard good things about and Consumer Reports recommend and those are pricey too. 

Just a quick word or two about these or yours or others you’ve had and recommend. 



9 Responses to “Cleaning House!”

  1. I love my vacuum cleaner!!!!!!!! I bought it used and refurbished from a man who runs a store exclusively dedicated to vacuum cleaners. It is a Hoover Wind Tunnel that uses disposable bags. I think they retail for around 260, but I paid half that since it wasn’t new. It has a belt that you’ll have to replace once every year and when I’ve got the bottom unscrewed and I’m in there replacing the belt, I take the time to scrape away some built up dust. It’s easy to maintain. Good luck choosing!

  2. LivingOutside said

    You should consider Oreck. We’ve had ours for about 5 years and it is still going strong. Before the Oreck, we’d have to buy a new vacuum cleaner just about every year because we’d keep buying cheep ones. If you are interested, I just checked and they are having a Summer sale on all orders (up to $100 off). They are a bit pricey, but they have fabulous Warranties and free tune-ups. We have 2 dogs that shed like crazy and the vacuum cleaner picks it all up.

  3. Ours is a Hoover with Windtunnel. I like ours too. Fighting, I wonder if we have the same one!

    It’s pretty similar to this one.

  4. Yeah, it is similar to the one in this picture, but mine is at least 6 years old and doesn’t have a headlight.

  5. Ladies, thanks so much!!! Hoover isn’t a brand I had thought of to check out!

  6. Living Outside thank you so much!

    Wow I really appreciate you all looking up this info with links and everything.

    I really, really appreciate your help on this!

  7. Lofter said

    Go for a Dyson… I can’t afford one, but people are all nuts about ’em! My mom had a Kirby forever and three days… it finally died when something heavy (still don’t know what it was) got dropped on it and literally knocked a hole in it. Of course, they are also on the expensive side.
    Hoover is always good for people like me… cheap enough for me to afford it, and it looks good in my hall closet. (I’m a bachelor… we all hate to vaccuum!) 😀

  8. Nah! I wouldn’t want to clean the canister of a Dyson.

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