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Living WITH a Vacuum

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on August 7, 2008

As you may recall we’ve been sleeping in cinder and soot.  It is amazing how fast your eyes and sinuses let you know when your house is REALLY dirty.  Suffice it to say that taking two weeks to make a decision and “cough” up the dough was toooo long!

So now with a deep breath of clean air filtering through my lungs I can announce the winner!

Enter cheesy drumroll sound in your head…

And the winner is Bissell!

Did your drumroll end with a cymbal clash?  MINE SURE DID!

The price was middle of the road because the last one I got was $100 and didn’t work well from day one.  What a difference when using something that really works!  The hose is very long and doesn’t pull the sweeper over when extended (problem I had before).  I was quite impressed with the bag-less emptying feature although that will never be pleasant I won’t have to think about bags.  There is a washable filter.  So the only replacement will be the HEPA filter which probably cost a gazillion dollars but shouldn’t need replacing for a while. 

I’m quite satisfied thus far.  This one cleans as well as my beloved canister that lasted more than 17 years.  By the way, that canister cost me $300 in 1983.  Yes, it was a top of the line and well worth it.  It cleaned great until the day it died!  May it RIP!

Thanks to all of you who offered up great advice and thank you for being so eager to help me.  It is greatly appreciated!

Ya’ll have a great day now, ya hear?


9 Responses to “Living WITH a Vacuum”

  1. Very nice! Enjoy your clean carpets. I hope it’s not too gross when it comes time to dump out the canister. Let me know what you think once you’ve emptied it.

  2. Oh thanks FW, we will, we ALL noticed the difference!

    I empty it after each use. The bottom is hinged and I push a button on the side, the bottom falls open and out it goes. Then just flip it back snap it shut and put it back onto the main unit. I think I really like that feature because I can leave the larger portion of the sweeper inside and take the sealed canister outside to dump.

    Cleaning is a dirty business…have I told you about my toilets??? They are full of crap!! HAHAHA Just had to get that joke in there! Enjoy your weekend FW!

  3. Lofter said

    I remember carpets… which is why I opted for tile downstairs and wood upstairs! Glad you’re pleased with your new Bissell! 😀

  4. Mercedes said

    One day I will not have any carpet in my house…one of these days! Good Luck to ya with your new vacuum. I just need to get mine out and get busy-lol!

  5. Angie said

    Glad you found a cleaning machine worthy of taking care of ‘dirty business’! 🙂

    I still have an electolux from is still going strong..what can I say? They don’t make stuff to last like that anymore.

    I have wood floors except for bathroom, but there are still area rugs and furniture that needs the neverending gook sucked up. 🙂 Could it be I don’t use it often enough or are things just gooked up with dust more today? Think it’s a little of both! 🙂

    Have missed ya
    big hugs

  6. Goldie said

    I spent AGES trying to find a new vaccum, used consumer reports and got a “best buy” and I HATE it!!!!!! I wish I had a better vaccum!! Yaay for you.

  7. Interesting that you empty it after each use. I didn’t realize it had to be that often. I vacuum almost every day, but I just change the bag once a month or so. Whatever works!

    I miss hearing from you, but I know you are busy, especially in this transitional season. I hope you and your family are well.


  8. High hopes said

    We are going through this now. I have my sights set on a Dyson. Hopefully I will get one soon. I am actually going to suggest it ss a Christmas gift to the dh. We shall see.

  9. HH,

    After several months of regular cleaning I’m still impressed with the amount of dirt this vaccum removes from my carpet, floors, furniture and mattresses. This was worth every penny and time it took to research it all!

    I hope you make the right decision for you and that you are as happy as I am!


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