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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on September 27, 2008

I think it is OUTRAGEOUS what our government is doing and we might as well say we are socialists looking to become communists.  I think it is time for a revolution and I think that Ron Paul is the only sane thinking politician.  If government would just leave the market alone, it will correct itself…PERIOD.  They have created this false mountain, false economic boon and the ONLY way out is to tumble head over heals and let the world markets follow until it is corrected.  Otherwise we are rewarding criminals (who the hell needs $54 MILLION dollars a year salary, no one is worth that).  I saw it coming in the 1990s in compensation, greedy people at the top feeding greedy people and everyone around “had to” stay up to be competitive.  All the government (both sides) does any more is ramp it all up, pointing out each other’s posturing, and keeps what is really going on behind closed doors.  I used to think comedian George Carlin was exaggerating when he’d say that the US is “making the last round of the drain before it goes down,” now I think he was prophetic. Yank them all out and let the terms be only two four year terms, for president, for senate, for congress, for any political office!  FIRE THEM ALL!


6 Responses to “FIRE THEM ALL!”

  1. Eric said

    This whole thing is a scam created by Bush and Paulson who he appointed to the position. Paulson has over 700 million in assets, and was CEO of Goldman Sachs. The truth is that the market isn’t that bad, and that it will correct itself. Also, when banks go under they just get purchased by another bank. The papers change hands, thats all, its not nearly as big of deal as Bush and Paulson would have you believe, and certainly not a reason to give the richest people in the world an additional 700 billion dollars.

    To prove its a scam read section 8 of the bailout “Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.”

    Also, lets examine what Bush says is the cost of doing nothing. Bush says if we don’t give 700 billion of taxpayer money to the super rich, then there won’t be as much credit to taxpayers. So let me get this straight, Bush is proposing we give money the taxpayer has earned, and in exchange the taxpayer can borrow it back and pay interest on it? How does that sound like a good plan? Just say NO to the bailout! Fire these politicians! They should go to jail for this.

  2. Angie said

    I certainly agree with you. We are headed to socialism..if not outright communism.I blame them all. I have been doing a little research on this..will probably post on some. Need a little more. It would be painful for us as a Nation, but I have faith in the American people to rise above it as some of our grandparents did in the Great Depression. Credit has already dried up in many places..China is saying no to more money. We are going down the tubes it would seem. It will be the regular folks like us that will suffer and pay the tab.

    I too, have been alarmed since the 90’s. Most especially when Bear Stearns fell in 97?. I never understood why when our government had FHA and other ways for people to get home loans why we needed a Fannie Mae and a Freddie Mac. just saying…

    I have been saying for a long time that we needed to live a bit beneath our means, too much loose credit for too many that in no way qualified. I should have been so lucky, and way too much speculation and short selling. Oh, well, I just totally agree with you CG. As for Ron Paul, they would not even let him talk in the early debates. So much for our MSM. I believe it was John Adams that said something like capitalism can only survive with a moral religious people. I will look it up. Had one of those brain attacks of CRS.

    Hugs to you

  3. Eric, I certainly agree they should go to jail, but who will convict them? Our judicial system is awash with corruption too.

    Angie, I think you’ve helped me remember a very valid point. I think John Adams was right. I just never thought that Americans would allow immoral people to live the high life, to which our political system would turn a blind eye and we’d elect people who participated in both. Then I remember how long I’ve been voting for the lesser of evils. 😦 Hugs to you too!

  4. I feel pretty good about writing to Goodlatte and asking him to vote against the bailout, then seeing his name on the list of “nays.” Did you call or email to express to our representatives how you feel about the bailout? It may be a false sense of relief, though; I’m not trying to kid myself.

  5. Suz at Large put this graph on her blog. It helped educate me about bailouts. Very interesting.

  6. FW,yes and I love that so many are raising outrage!

    I did see Suz’s graph, thanks! It was very interesting!

    BUT where is all the money that was paid back????

    In our socialist government??? 😉

    I wish I could laugh, but I’m closer to crying for us all.

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