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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 3, 2008

It is down to begging, we are about to be sold down the river to every company that fails to use good management, judgement and feeds corporate fat cats!

Feel free to copy and paste to send to your senator:

PLEASE vote NO on this bill for $700B of burden on US!  We are barely making it now…we can’t take anymore.

I realize that the government “can” make money and has in the past doing this but the money NEVER came back TO US…the people that PAID for it…it goes to other things….EVERY TIME! 



3 Responses to “VOTE NO!”

  1. Goodlatte voted against it again. I called and emailed him several times this week to thank him for his courage. I wonder what’s really going on in the chambers to convince the majority of them that this is worth passing? Why can’t they just let things take their natural course?

  2. I don’t know FW…we are in uncharted waters as a country. A country governed by people who call it one thing but their actions speak of something altogether different; sounds two-faced and sinister to me.

  3. Angie said

    Wanted to come over and see ya for awhile. Sorry I have been so lax, I got a comment from someone called ‘really mad voter’ with a petition to vote all incumbents out. Posted it with Ron Paul’s take on what is and will happen to our dollar.

    Sad state of affairs we find ourselves in. I can really relate to how the Revolution started. Perhaps we should have a march on Washington.

    What they have done is basically as someone said..applied a bandaid that may if lucky help for a short while. Now what will happen in the future. We certainly did need it to run its natural course..and yes they all seem sinister to me. It feels, sounds, smells like there is a fix somewhere.

    Today I heard on the news that it was a form of economic terror. A huge threat to Homeland Security. I have felt that way from the beginning. I would not be surprised if there were not some agitators like Soros thugs manipulating the market. He has done it before in other countries, he nearly ruined France’s economy. Of course that is my opinion. I have not heard nor read his name anywhere connected to this. Just makes you wonder..I suppose if we really knew all the evil behind the scenes we would have a heart attack…meanwhile my blood is boiling from the little we know for sure.

    Hugs to ya CC.

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