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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 26, 2008

I wanted to tell you about the dream I had about Dad last night.


We were at the funeral home.  I had gone to an upstairs closet or bathroom that lead to another room that went higher and then to a sun filled place.  Kim was there with me and Dad walked in, he was so young and he looked so wonderful, probably around 35 or 40ish.  The funeral director came to the door.   Dad stood there for a minute and smiled and then went into the room and walked toward the other room that went a little higher and then into the sunlight he went.  I turned to Kim and said, “Didn’t he look so great and young?”  Kim said, “No, Deb I could only see him as an older man.”  I turned to the funeral director and he nodded.  I went down stairs to where the coffin was and Mom was standing alone in front of it.  And at the last minute all of Mom’s siblings came in walking in a straight line, arm in arm, all dressed in black and surrounded her in a circle. (kind of a representation of her family gathering around her).


All in all it was a good dream.  I miss him.


11 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. gr8tful said

    I know how you are feeling right now! I am so so sorry that you lost your dad!
    It is so hard! If you ever need to talk, and mind you I wouldn’t mind talking myself,
    just let me know. I will happily exchange numbers so we can talk! I am here for you
    just let me know! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gr*tful, you are one of the kindest of the kind. I so much appreciate your friendship! HUGS to you too!

  3. What a great dream. {{HUGS}} That’s weird that you saw him as a young man and Kim (sister?) saw him as an older man. I wonder what that could mean, if anything.

    Here’s to more dreams and signs from your Dad. 🙂

  4. High hopes said

    Wow, that is a powerful dream. It was nice that you saw him as you remember him and smiling.


  5. Goldie said

    Maybe it really was him. It has been said that the spirits of our departed loved ones can communicate with us as we sleep.

    I had a dream about my grandfather and it felt so very very real…

    I am glad you had such a lovely dream to comfort you.

  6. gr8tful said

    Just wanted to check in and see how you
    are doing???? I hope you continue to
    have wonderful deams of your dad. Boy
    do I miss my dad too. Everytime I need
    advice I think of him and wish he was here!

    HUGS to you my friend!

  7. Hey Gr8, thanks for checking back. We do need to talk. I think about you too because I know we are going through the same thing. Between working and the kids and my huge PTA commitment, and all the stuff that comes with helping Mom. It has been more than hectic. I can hardly make it here to the blog, much less write something. I’m going to email you soon. Big surrounding hugs to you too!

  8. Angie said

    My grandmother told me that many times my grandfather visited her in dreams and it gave her such comfort and lessened the pain.

    One story I will never forget her sharing with me is the one where she nearly grieved herself to death over the loss of her daughter in a drowning accident. She said one night she saw her in a dream and she looked so happy.. she told her she never told her how proud she always was of her and her daughter (my Aunt) said. “Oh Mother, I always knew that and then she told her that she had to get up and go on”..that she was fine. I still get a lump remembering her telling me these things and I am grateful for having her as my grandmother.

    I am glad you had this dream. It presents a lovely picture of him looking younger to you (no pain or stress)smiling and walking into the sunlight. Says a lot. Also a lot of discernment from you.

    Hope you are enjoying your job and had a good Thanksgiving. Miss ya.
    Lots of hugs

  9. gr8tful said

    Hey there Deb! Thinking of you today
    and praying for peace, comfort, and
    sending you all the hugs you need!!!
    Everything will be ok! HUGS to you!!

  10. gr8tful said

    Oh, I forgot to tell you….the other
    day I had a dream of my dad and he
    was alive in my dream. Don’t have
    a clue what that means if anything
    but it was sure good to see him!!

  11. Thinking of you today Win…you have the best dang attitude toward life…hope some rubs off on me…my cup has been dry too long! 🙂 Hugs to you and I’m so glad you had a good dream about your Dad…YOU DESERVE IT!

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