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I want to seek and I shall find, that which will give me peace of mind.

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 27, 2008

I need to pull this mantra back out again and dust it off.

I’ve found that I’m the only one who cares about my own peace of mind.  I care tooooooo much about others and I need to let go and let God.  I don’t care what others think, because I know my intentions.  I do care if they need help.  I do care if they want help. 

I think this caring too much cuts me the deepest because in my world (maybe yours too) it wasn’t about having “control” of it.   That has never been about control; it has been about my helpfulness and so I thought that was how others felt too.  I did and do things to help or because it needed (seemed to be needed) to be done AND no one else seemed willing/able/cared enough to do it. 

For those of us (ME) who believe they are wanted or needed, trys to lend a hand, do the right thing, include people, yada, yada, ad nauseam, can unwittingly (in my case) become used or feel as though they are being used and allow others to become too dependent.  Especially (so I’ve recently noticed) among those that don’t express appreciation (cough…male gender…cough) or stand by and watch while the actual work is going on and then say, “You didn’t ask me for help or tell me what to do.” 

My own little ditty:

So many times I jump in and take the critic’s tongue…boy, that is no fun!

So I look and I find…

Perfection is what one determines it to be
And so I decide to make perfection, me.
I am the perfect me as God has made me to be
I’m NOT perfect but perfect as I can be for being ME.

By me, for me hoping it may help YOU see; Let it be and be free!!!


Peace and joy in the New Year!

            Canvas Grey


10 Responses to “I want to seek and I shall find, that which will give me peace of mind.”

  1. Lofter said

    Well said, my friend, and quite true indeed. Peace and joy in the new year to you and yours, and may God bless. :->

  2. Goldie said

    sage words, my friend.

    hope your Christmas was glorious, and may your new year be full of loads of blessings!!!

  3. Arlene said

    Don’t you think we have to heal ourselves before we can help others heal? I keep telling myself that! This past weekend I was trying to comfort a friend who just lost her father. I found myself in tears for her, and myself because I’m still grieving for 2 loved ones who died about a year ago. So, we just hugged.

    You are a dear person and I wish you were a neighbor. Peace, dear one.

  4. gr8tful said

    Very well said! Happy new year, and know you
    are a special lady and I am honored to know you!!


  5. Hope your Christmas was Merry and that 2009 will bring you comfort and joy.

  6. I count my blessings and you all are in those blessings. I’ve said a prayer for each of you. May your New Year be BRIGHT! You all are very special to me too. I am like Arlene in that I’d be honored to have neighbors like you all.


  7. gr8tful said

    Merry Christas and Happy New Year to such a
    woderful frined! I wish you happiness, and
    all the love you can handle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sky said

    Deb, my popcorn buddy. I wish you a joyous and prosperous New Year. Many Blessings.

  9. Love you Gr8tful and Sky! Many blessings and love for you both in the New Year and forever, amen.

  10. gr8tful said

    Love to you too my dear dear friend!

    How are you doing? If you need an ear, give me a call!
    I’m here for ya! HUGS!!

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