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Letter to the President, Senate and all PoLITical Players

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on January 29, 2009

Dear Honorable Public Servants,

The changing of the guard has been noted.

Since you’ve been elected by ME; since you serve ME; I think it is about time you ANSWERED to ME!

 Are you lit?  Booze, smoke, drugs (legal or illegal)?

Why do you continue to bail out companies and the people who ran them instead of having them pay back the salaries that they didn’t earn when making bad decisions or supporting bad management or running a company into the ground and making too much money for the position they held in a company?

WHY am I paying taxes to help support businesses who have been run into the ground by greedy upper management and stock holders?

Why do I have to pay for it? 


Is it because I’m a hard working American who pays over 1/4th of my income to taxes and I get NO SAY in what I’m taxed for?  I now have to pay for all the mistakes of people who make millions more in one year than I will ever see in my lifetime…and they walk away with NO CONSEQUENCES? 


Why do we have to keep throwing money at it?  What ever, EVER happened to consequences?  Make the people who made the money and the mistakes PAY IT BACK in same!  Not jail time…money in fines and hold people ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS!!!!!   Just as I am holding YOU accountable for YOUR ACTIONS!   I AM WATCHING!  I AM LISTENING AND YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE BECAUSE I AM HOLDING YOU ACCOUNTABLE!  You know, ME/WE the PEOPLE!

Greed and Corruption…that is what you call  it.  Whacky accounting practices…that’s what you call it.  Over paying top management and the ever increasing stock dividend for greedy stockholders…that’s what you call it.  “Thinking out of the box” accounting and removing all concrete thinking skills to make ungodly salaries…WHO needs 20 million a year to live on and WHO IS WORTH THAT AND WHY… are they pooping gold? 

I will be holding YOU to the same principles I uphold myself; to be ACCOUNTABLE, RESPONSIBLE and accept CONSEQUENCES for better or worse.

And I’m just getting started…welcome to the world of CALLING YOUR BLUFF!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

With all DUE respect.

The Canvas Grey

Readers, please write your publicly elected officials and let them know that you hold them ACCOUNTABLE.  It is as easy as sending an email.


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