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I Want to Take You HIGHER….

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on February 6, 2009

Fade out Sly and the Family Stone…Fade in the sounds of an auction…


Gimme a bid, wanna bid, how much ya gimme a bid?

800 Billion

Bidder,bidder,bidder,bidder, ho now gotta bidder.
Canna getabid, gimme a bid, wanna bid a little higher now.


Hey now, gimme a bid, bidder, higher now, bidder, bidder, bidder;


Oh yeah now, gimme a, gimme a, bidder, bidder, bidder…

Bidder,bidder,bidder,bidder, ho now gotta bidder.
Canna getabid, gimme a bid, wanna bid a little higher now.



Do I laugh or cry?

SOLD to the highest bidder goes America, once know as HOME of the FREE and the BRAVE.  SOLD to those who brought her to her knees with smoke screens and a fan dance, oil prices, who knew scruples went to the wind for a dollar.  SOLD to those who will own all interests on the back side too.  We are for sell and those that seek to destroy us will buy us…that is the real terror of it all.  Where do you think this money will come from…not just taxes…look closer…our country has been sold.  Follow the money?  We’ve been selling out for decades. 

I think I need to cry and pray for all those that don’t know, all those that don’t get it, all those that think it doesn’t matter or are indifferent and all those who have spent or lost all their money.   Prepare yourself.


3 Responses to “I Want to Take You HIGHER….”

  1. I hope they don’t cancel Lost.

  2. Lofter said

    Definitely cry. Cry because we’ve become so apathetic that we’ve brought this on ourselves. And a majority believe it’s what they/we NEED. Yes, indeed… cry and pray. I’ll join you.

  3. Thanks FD for proving it all out for me. ha

    Lofter, I’m looking forward to what the President has to say…it will solidify my thoughts and understanding a great deal. I hope that he will steer clear of the fear factor (as he had promised but jumped into already) and LEAD instead of not knowing what to do and blame. I’ve seen only politics as usual so far…no real change. Apathy and ignorance seems the norm these days. Thanks!

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