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The Party is OVER…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on February 10, 2009

The spending party is over…we need a stimulus package…hmm

Seems like a contadiction in terms to me.

I was slightly impressed with the questions asked by the media. I was impressed with some of the president’s answers. He eluded to the truth the most when he said the spending party is over.  Yet it sounds like it isn’t if things are continuing as usual and we are going to spend our way out with more credit, more debt.

I’d like to have heard where all the money for the package coming from? Maybe that will be answered today.  Will someone please explain it in detail?  Now, where is the website?  Why can’t we see what they are arguing about now in this package?  Details…we need them. 

Why didn’t the president have all these economist there with him to explain?  Why didn’t we just hear it all last night instead of having to wait until today…oh no upstaging anyone…even in a “crisis” isn’t allowed.

Did anyone hear the reason why the taxpayers aren’t getting more tax cuts to spend it? They don’t trust us to “spend” it.  Did you hear our president say that? 

The reason being prudent thoughtful people would be saving it because it is going to get worse no matter what is done.  That is exactly why the banks aren’t spending their part.  Right now the banks are busy spending/defending why they aren’t spending the money and why they are spending money on their poor employees, for morale.  Wonder how that will make those that get laid off feel in a few months? 

What a mess!  It hasn’t happened over night and has been going on since the 1960s when credit was available to the masses and credit cards became the “in” thing to have and then usher in the hippies and the greed of the 1980s, 1990s the decade of salary explosion, add 15 years of health care cost crisis and what do you get?  

We are about to place a band aid on a large deep wound, just like we did in health care with HMOs.  It won’t work to solve the problem.  I doubt it will help in the short term either.

By the way, the fear mongering and the urgency factor are unbecoming to a person who campaigned against that very thing. 

I wish I could see a real change…thus far, not so much…unless you want to move deeper into socialism…which we’ve been in for a long, long time…now it will be even deeper.


One Response to “The Party is OVER…”

  1. Lofter said

    These don’t in any way resemble the “change” that I heard shouted about from the rafters for over the last two years. As you infer, smells more and more like a nose dive into socialism to me. Be careful, my friend… the cyber-police monitor these sites, and honest words could land you in the archipelago.

    No, wait… that’s tomorrow. Sorry. (Scary, too.)

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