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Grief in the words of Dr. Suess…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on January 27, 2009








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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 26, 2008

I wanted to tell you about the dream I had about Dad last night.


We were at the funeral home.  I had gone to an upstairs closet or bathroom that lead to another room that went higher and then to a sun filled place.  Kim was there with me and Dad walked in, he was so young and he looked so wonderful, probably around 35 or 40ish.  The funeral director came to the door.   Dad stood there for a minute and smiled and then went into the room and walked toward the other room that went a little higher and then into the sunlight he went.  I turned to Kim and said, “Didn’t he look so great and young?”  Kim said, “No, Deb I could only see him as an older man.”  I turned to the funeral director and he nodded.  I went down stairs to where the coffin was and Mom was standing alone in front of it.  And at the last minute all of Mom’s siblings came in walking in a straight line, arm in arm, all dressed in black and surrounded her in a circle. (kind of a representation of her family gathering around her).


All in all it was a good dream.  I miss him.

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Thanks Mom and Dad!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on May 17, 2008,0,7289775.story



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THANKS and by the way…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on April 17, 2008

First, thanks to all of you who’ve been keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.  I really feel them in my heart and soul.  THANK YOU for them.  I really do sit in thoughtful prayer for you as well.  I’m a big giver so when I receive I tend to give back even more.  Your continued thoughts and prayers of support are very appreciated.  As we know more of the details I’ll share them.  Right now we are in a holding pattern but circling the airport.  ha!

I have several things that are pressing, several things that must come out, I’m compelled.

I’ve done a dozen or so posts on autism.  I think highly of so many bloggers who are autistic or parents of autistic children.  I respect them, their view of things, their frustration of things, their joy of things, their need to help others understand, agree, being able to learn and grow.  Just knowing how nice it is to reach out to each other when needed is a wonderful thing. 

In this age of “bi-polar-isms” I refuse to define my precious, sweet son by autism, nor will I.  He is smart, loving, handsome like his dad (of course), very tall, a reader, into astrology, a thinker, a dreamer, he hums happy tunes, still likes to skip (me too…like Phoebe from friends), likes routine (like his dad), sounds just like his brother (vice-versa) when he talks, has an amazing memory, adores his third grade teacher, can easily entertain himself, becomes deeply involved with things he enjoys, can’t concentrate on things he doesn’t and more, more, more.

So what am I getting at???  I’ve been holding my son’s story close (odd because I share so easily) but I’m nervous it will define him.  Or WORSE, that HE thinks that is how I define HIM.

God has been pushing gently at me from many directions and I had my AHA moment this morning, NO FEAR.  I now know I’m to post it, I’m compelled to post it.  In faith I will post it and pray that it reaches those that it is supposed to reach and help.  In faith I will post it believing that my son will KNOW that autism is only a small sliver of who he is, something to help him in his life’s journey and that I love him more than words.  Amen.  Thank you God for love, mercy, all things seen and unseen.


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The Truth about Women in Despair

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 12, 2008

I’ve come across another blog via Angie’s blog  named WomanHonorThyself.  Today, she made excellent observations about how downtrodden and depressed so many women are these days.   

As it fizzled in my brain I thought and commented:

It is hard to admit that we women don’t honor ourselves.  But is it easy to see when the evidence is pointed out so clearly.

I remember a commercial that defined/predicted the onslaught of depression in women:

“I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let you forget you’re a man.  Cause I’m a woman!”

This is expected of us.  Latch-key kids weren’t included in that song…who the heck is raising the kids? 

Our society has been hypnotised by commercial personas that led/lead us to believe/desire what is dangled out in front of us as the “carrot” of life.  The essense of life is to have what the commercials tell us to have because it makes everyone so happy to have it. 

We can turn just about anything from one perspective to another making it sound so terrible or so great.  But the truth is the truth. 

NO ONE… NO ONE… NO ONE has it ALL.  There are some who would argue that statement.  But deep down we all know the TRUTH. 

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Invasion of the Hubby Snatchers!!!!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 7, 2008

s2400042_edited.jpgThat is right…invasion of the Hubby Snatchers…coming to a blog near you!

I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures to document the fact that I went to sleep with one large hubby and woke up to two smaller versions this morning.


HOW do they do that and WHEN do they do that?  My hubby explains it as a push and shove proposition that takes place late at night after a spell has been cast over me. 


It is quite magical and fun!  I plan to cherish these moments as they go so very quickly.

And while I’m reminded through pictures,  I’m also building ammo for the terrible teens!  😉

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The Teacher still teaches…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 3, 2008

Many of you have seen or heard about Randy Pausch (A Teacheris the link on my blogroll) and his profound final lecture.  I like to keep up on his activities as I am lead to pray for he and his family and all those that suffer from “difficult” diagnoses.  His most recent update proves he is still teaching, God bless him. 

If you or someone you know is facing a difficult diagnoses this is something to read and rejoice:

He also has a new lecture about time management that I just discovered.  I think he wrote it for me…I’m in DESPERATE need.  I’ll be watching it soon! 

White Rabbit

Photo by krisopherallen


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Supporting the troops!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 5, 2007


Why not take a minute and send an uplifting message to the troops?  Some troops are here keeping us safe.  Others are abroad doing the same but away from family and loved ones.  Send a thought, prayer or a word or two their way today.

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Let’s come together to accept, treat and solve the autism puzzle!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 20, 2007

This segment from Larry King Live about autism is a SHINING example of how we can come together to help each other and those we love.  What echos in my mind over and over again is that autism can be as unique as the individual. 

Even in our case Big Boy has some classic autism such as flapping and fixating but exhibits concern for others, looks at you and initiates conversation (albeit limited). 

I feel extremely blessed because I didn’t stop at the first pediatrition that said, “Let’s wait, we don’t want to give him a label.” Labels, smables we all have our life battles to fight. 

I believe with all my being that early intervention is truly the key to opening the door of communication for a child who is autistic.  The door may be talking; but if not then sign language, keyboarding, music, singing, blinking, tapping, humming, drawing, rocking, flapping…a smile. 

They seek connection just like we all do.  I don’t always have the right words to say or how exactly to say them or even express every emotion I have in a given time.  Possibly that is more common for my son and those like him;  seeking the way, trying to find a way to communcate from a different place in the world than the rest of us.  He/they have my heart!

CNN link:

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Whatever it takes…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 9, 2007

thank-a-veteran.jpg    Thanks to all those who have served, are serving and will serve and to those who paid the ultimate price.

The link below takes you to a beautiful song and slideshow.


Shared by RW. 

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Cahoots or Conspiracy?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 19, 2007

Ok, maybe I’m out of the loop, just didn’t look down enough Google pages or the right questions


It is completely obvious to me that the legacy to end all legacies is taking shape and no one is writing about it.

Let me walk through my thinking here to see if I need to be lauded for genius, reconnect the dots or placed into a mental institution.

Do we have some political families playing duck, duck, goose with power?

While the rest of us are running around trying to prove who is politically correct…right or left or left of right or right of left over easy…some very smart, very rich, very powerful, very political families are planning their legacies.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton

Yes, I know people are writing about this…but why is everyone leaving it there? 

Let’s see…

George Herbert Walker Bush

William Jefferson Clinton

George Walker Bush

Hillary Rodham-Clinton

John Ellis “Jeb” Bush

Chelsea Victoria Clinton 

Okay, throwing Chelsea in there was a bit much.  But is it far-fetched, let’s do a quick review of what has already happened:

2000 election the Supreme Court okays W. as the next president with FL (Jeb territory) in question.  HMMM? 

2003 pre-election year Hillary Clinton decides not to run.  WHAT?  We all know/knew she wanted to be president when Bill was in the White House.  We know she has the brass to challenge any opponent.  HMMM? 

2004 election a thin win for W. and didn’t he have all the confidence in the world…even in 2000…what did HE know?  HMMM?

2005 Former rivals and now formal presidents get together to form the  HMMM?

2005 hurricane season Jeb Bush is beloved and held up to all as a great leader but declines to run for president in 2008.  HMMM?

2007 pre-election year Al Gore gets the Nobel Peace Prize actually sharing it with the very people who’ve been doing all the work.  Come on…that was a “give me or I’m telling” consolation prize!  Why isn’t he running in 2008? HMMM?

So while political pun dents, spinners, media, et. al. fling us from right wing to left wing; our bird of prey is so busy trying to remain aloft that her eyes can’t focus with the precision they once did.

WHAMMY between the eyes; fast forward:

2008 election Hillary Clinton is the first woman president that is married to a former president. 

2016 election Jeb Bush is the first president to have had a father and brother who have both been presidents.

2024 election Chelsea Victoria Clinton is the first daughter of the first family of presidents. 

So no matter which family you happen to belong to those are some nice legacies to leave in the annals of history.  

Politics DO make STRANGE bedfellows!

I’m  Stuck In The Middle With You!

Update November 26, 2007

***Oprah will campaign for Obama*** 

Update December 2, 2007

***Rove leaves the kiss of death for Obama making the way easier for Hillary to soar!  Do you really think he is trying to HELP Obama?  Funny that Rove writes this shortly after Oprah’s announcement.***

Cahoots or Conspiracy Deux

Cahoots or Conspiracy Part Trios

Steelers Wheel

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You Say POTATO and I Say PO-TA-TOE

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on September 16, 2007

 Are we saying the same word?  Are we talking about the same thing?  Are we talking about semantics?  Are we splitting hairs?  Are we beating a dead horse? 

These days it seems that everything is being polarized to add to the drama of life. The only issues that are discussed are those that spark emotion, invoke yelling and only ONE person can be RIGHT (or at least those fueling the fire insist this MUST be so). 

As if wars, famine, hurricanes, earthquakes, plane crashes, fires, disease and other disasters weren’t enough drama; as if a real life little girl or boy living in fear isn’t enough drama; as if caring for a parent who’s health is failing or the death of a loved one isn’t enough drama.

We need even more so we have pretend drama to turn to: as if daytime soap operas, night time crime dramas and the ever popular reality series isn’t enough drama; as if theater, stage and playhouses didn’t invent enough drama. 

That folks…is a lot of drama in life!   And yet some people must have more; someone somewhere must know about the intimate details and “drama” in the lives of the actors/actresses (who make pretend drama) AND in those that report the REAL drama because apparently there just isn’t enough drama to go around these days.

Stop and think about it, most of television is now about drama.  Whether it is the real news about some type of real drama OR a drama show about a pretend drama OR a pretend drama about a real drama (reality shows, oh come on, we all know they are complete drama kings and queens).

Okay, my questions about this are:

Does it seem to you that words like debate, democracy, doing what is best for the majority, helping one another are out of fashion? 

Does it seem that agreeing to disagree in polite company is putting people to sleep because they are bored? 

Are we serving purposes by adding to division when we fuel the fire by buying, watching, selling, listening, partaking in the malady that is fed to us by all comers? 

Are we creating a world that wants to be entertained? 

What does it say about our culture, our future and our children’s future?

Has the media successfully created a society that is driven by greed for more commercial products, voyeurism, and drama?

Am I beating a dead horse? 

Let’s see what happens next….TO-MA-TOE 

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Remembering 9/11/01

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on September 11, 2007

Remembering 9/11/01 ;

remembering that our troops are in harms way;

remembering they need support in their effort to DEFEAT the terrorists

and make a way for PEACE.

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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on August 11, 2007

 I’m absolutely positive that my parents told me all the things I’m about to write.  However, it was more or less just the cliché and I was supposed to figure that out and accept it as truth.  You know, the lectures where we’d just sit there and, “Listen to what I’m telling you,” and know that “I’ve been there and done that” type of thing.  Telling someone and showing them are two completely different things.  It has to be relative and relatable as well as the recipient being able to understand it at their level. 

So now I’m thinking about how to tell my kids the same things about life’s clichés.  I’m trying to be different, relative, understandable AND compete with electronic excess and access and all the glitz the media can muster (**audible gag**). 

I really want my kids to think about things; these clichés and why they’ve been around so long.  Or maybe for them to know I’VE thought about these things; done these things; tested these OLD clichés without really telling them HOW I tested them!

So here is my stab at explaining, relating and generally teaching my kids about life’s clichés.  Oh yes, I realize it may go in one ear and out the other!!!!!

Look before you leap! 

Seems so simple, look around then jump…HOLD IT!  Who says you have to leap?  Whenever you feel like there is no way off the ledge or you are cornered don’t forget to look in other directions.  Up is always an option!

What comes around goes around! 

Some people call this karma or the ying and yang effect.  You may not ever see it because it may not come back around in the same fashion.  But it is simple to understand that good begets good and bad perpetuates bad. 

Follow your heart! 

I have to add…AFTER a good talk with your head!

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

No matter which side you choose there are nice green spots and bare spots so make the choice knowing as much about the bare spots as the green spots before choosing your side.  No matter which side of the fence you choose, enjoy the green and seed the bare spots because if you cry into the bare spots too much it becomes mud!

Actions speak louder than words. 

Make sure people back up talk with action otherwise they are just yakking.  If you ever wonder about someone; this is the test to give – what are their actions telling you?

A wise man builds his house upon a rock.   

No matter what you do it is best to build a good foundation if it is something that you want to last over time.  Building something that lasts takes time and effort and the rewards aren’t usually immediate.  But when the reward comes it lasts and lasts giving pleasure to you and others for a very long time.  Invest in yourself daily by learning, nurturing your spirit and being physically active (mind, spirit and body).  This lays the foundation of a long, healthy, happy life.  Making a quick buck, getting high, stealing and other “quick fixes” may bring immediate pleasures but they last for very short periods of time and require more and more effort to attain which can ruin the rest of your life.  Don’t do the crime because you don’t’ want to do the time.

There is nothing to fear except fear itself.

If it is something you feel strongly about doing, do it.  Never let fear, especially someone else’s, get in the way.  If it is proven dangerous, it is dangerous.  If it is the unknown then it is just the unknown.  Fearless not foolhardy! 

Stand up for something or you’ll fall for anything.

Know who you are and what you believe to be the truth.  Everyone has their perspective so be open minded enough to see it from their angle but wise enough to stand up for yourself.  Always state your perspective firmly, loud enough for all to hear and understand in your most persuasive voice. 

And now, at the end of my lecture I would like to say one more thing.  I sound just like MY parents.  Oh well, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck

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Enough is ENOUGH!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on August 1, 2007

Enough is ENOUGH! 

What do you American men WANT from us?  Okay, I KNOW…but really…who is coming up with the stuff that is supposed to turn men on? Or better yet, who is the “someone” who tells us ALL what it IS that turns men on?   

Before make-up came along it was ruby red lips and pink cheeks.  It was achieved by milling your mouth and pinching your cheeks. And let’s not forget the corset that made those curves curvier.  Add a curling iron, stockings and higher heels to the mix of shorter and shorter skirts and dresses. 

We have to shave WHAT?  Everything, WHO made that decision pray tell? 

Then it seemed blonde hair was all the rage using peroxide, lemon juice, what ever you had, just make that hair blonde; along with the sadists who invented pointy toed high heels and pantyhose (air…air…must have air); and the big hair, big eyes, false eye lashes and boyish figure of the sixties. 

Ah, a breathe of fresh air…for a brief period between Twiggy and disco there was the “back to nature” movement of no make-up, natural hair and comfortable clothing (ah…earth shoes).  Hand me a granola bar will ya? 

In the eighties women went on the hunt for doctors, doctors that did surgery!  For some it was about wanting to look better in her clothes (whatever that means); for others wanting to have the most gi-normous breasts that a female frame can hold.   

Somewhere in the 1990’s “someone” said it is all about toe cleavage… that’s right…all women “in the know” KNEW it was about TOE CLEAVAGE (I KID YOU NOT)!   

Now “someone” says it is lips, big full lips; straight white teeth; no wrinkles and seeing clavicle!  That’s right.  Seeing a woman’s clavicle is a turn on, sexy…so be sure and add that to your list.  Wonder if some will have surgery to achieve this one?  

So where does it end anyway?  When will we achieve this “perfect” woman, this turn on, knockout, sexy thing?  

So I’ve decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! 

I’ve decided I will be the “someone” who dictates what a turn on is to a man! 

Here is exactly what I think should turn a man on and it is one simple sentence! 

A woman who is devoted to you and any offspring you may have produced in this world. 

DEVOTED meaning: dedicated, lovingly committed, feeling or showing loyalty over a long period of time.   


So men out there…that doesn’t do it for you?   If you promise to be DEVOTED to US then you could probably get more of the other things you want!   

See it CAN be simple!   

Ladies, feel free to spread the word!!!!    

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Home Party Business or Direct Selling

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 24, 2007

Through direct selling* I have:  

No medical insurance

No life insurance

No disability insurance

No sick day pay

No vacation pay

No option for a 401 (k) or employer contributions to a 401 (k)

No pension

No free training (REAL training) — that means teaching and telling what is in the products, how it works, how to apply, what may be in the products that would disagree with certain skin types and allergies, etc.

To pay for airfare, lodging to seminars, “classes”, “training” events

Not much SSI credit, which is based on income

No defined time of work and off time

All the same responsibilities (finding a sitter kids, cooking, cleaning, homework) WITH THE ADDED STRESS (see next)

All the responsibilities of finding bookings, getting a high percentage of people to buy on their first introduction to product, overhead of running a “business”,  pressure of buying more product from up-line, pressure from up-line to create a down-line, finding the extra money needed to go to seminar, buying gifts and samples for customers. 

I could go on…  

*Direct selling companies:  i.e. Mary Kay, Amway, Quintar, Home Interiors, various candle and jewelry, Pampered Chef………..let’s face it MOST home party/catalog books through friends and family are direct selling companies! 

The facts are the “consultant” or “sales person” is the real customer. 

Please check out some of my links to sites with more information!  Or just Google any of the names above and learn with an open mind.  

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In Honor of Father’s Day

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 12, 2007

In honor of Father’s Day I’d like to share the following letter I sent to my Dad in 2003.  I still feel the same way.  I also think my kids will feel the same way about their Dad when they are old enough to reflect with maturity. 

Dear Dad, 

Please accept this Father’s Day gift as a VERY small token of my love, respect, and admiration for YOU!!!!  You are a very special Father and I know that and appreciate how lucky I am to have you as my Dad, Friend, and Advisor!   

Thanks for teaching me how to:

·       love unconditionally

·       appreciate whatever I have

·       show affection

·       think logically

·       act morally

·       respect others

·       show kindness 

Thanks for:

·       loving me and my brothers and sister

·       loving my Mom

·       making the best parenting team with Mom

·       taking care of us

·       doing the best you could  

Don’t you think it shows???  We all think our family is the greatest!!!!  We are all so very fortunate to have each other!  Thanks to YOU AND MOM!!!! 

My love always,  Your eldest daughter

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