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Ignorance is bliss to those who profit by it!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on May 12, 2008

The title of this post has been my mantra for awhile.  I’ve decided to change it and wanted to share some thoughts on what I’ve learned from my old mantra.  It is my desire to keep you from stumbling on some of these like I did.

My take on the infomercial people:  they are hoping that a few million people will purchase their product, gadget, book, etc. and at $19.99 to $39.99 a pop, they will become at least a millionaire.  Forget the money back guarantee or the life time guarantee…got a Ginsu Knife you want to get replaced?  Good luck!  The refund/warranty is only as good as long as the company stays in business.  The sellers are betting (with good odds) that your item will collect dust before you’d go to the trouble of sending it back for a refund/use a warranty.

Beware of half-truths, for instance one of the infomercials running of late has a woman selling her method/book on property something or other.  The paid interviewer states something about her best selling book…cough, gasp, wheeze…emphasis should be on HER because it is the only book she’s ever sold, of course it is HER best seller. 

Even when the company/person you think you’d like to deal with has a great reputation…CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!  Deal with people your friends and neighbors have dealt with AFTER you’ve ALSO read the fine print, checked with the Better Business Bureau (and read the next paragraph).  I’d also check the internet and watch out for multi-level marketing, there are tons of them and more starting everyday.  Nothing wrong with offering a product but when you are supposed to get more people to sell it than purchase it from you…BEWARE!

Watch out for the bait and switch.  It has become very popular, even among people of “reputation.”   We were baited and switched by a friend of a friend AND THE “FRIEND” KNEW; she didn’t want to say anything/be involved in the transaction between us.  HUH?  Note to self: don’t confuse the word acquaintance with the word friend, no matter how friendly.  

Actions will always speak louder than words.  Start looking for the actions that are in direct conflict of the words.  Words must be backed up by past and/or present action or the words are only a promise/dream.  Notice how the media tell you not to put yourself in any danger but if you can get video or a picture of that tornado passing over your head, send ‘er in!  Then they play the video over and over and over at nausea with a small credit at the bottom of the screen.  Yep, THEY are looking out for YOU!

Now more than ever it is BUYER BEWARE!


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Another update on the Mary Kay Bus Employee Scandal 12/19/07

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 21, 2007


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Mary Kay Scandal at Bus Garage UPDATE

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 14, 2007

From the Charleston (WV) Daily Mail:

Bus garage worker says she didn’t sell Mary Kay 

One of the school bus employees fired for allegedly having a role in an unworked overtime scandal said she was wrongly terminated and denied selling beauty and skincare products while on the clock for the school system.

Sheri Painter, who worked as a bus driver at the Elkview terminal for eight years, was one of four bus employees whose dismissals were disclosed at a Kanawha County school board meeting last week.

According to school officials, at least 10 employees at the Elkview facility have either been fired or quit because of allegations they collected tens of thousands of dollars in overtime pay while selling Mary Kay products.

“I never sold Mary Kay,” said Painter, 47, of Elkview. “I was doing my job. To say I was out selling Mary Kay is just ridiculous.”

Painter said she has hired an attorney, Charles Hamilton, to look into the matter.

She contends she never sold the products, but would often see Mary Kay items for sale displayed on tables at the bus terminal.

“One time, around Christmas, there were little Mary Kay baskets out for sale,” Painter said. “On another day, there were so many boxes of Mary Kay products sitting out at the bottom of the steps of the garage.”

Painter recalled one instance in which she received $250 extra on a paycheck sometime last year between September and December.

According to Painter, she alerted her supervisor, Nancy Bowen-Kerr, about the discrepancy. Painter said Bowen-Kerr told her to cash the check and hand the $250 over to her.

“I cashed it, and about an hour later, she gave me a bag of Mary Kay,” Painter said. “I just took it. I didn’t know what it was, a gift or what.”

Painter claims that Bowen-Kerr then asked her if she wanted to buy any other Mary Kay products, noting they’d make a nice Christmas gift for Painter’s daughter.

Bowen-Kerr resigned in June amid an investigation into the Mary Kay scandal. Last week, school board member Pete Thaw said, “Here’s what we think happened. The supervisor gave those people overtime and they used it to sell Mary Kay cosmetic products. I’m talking about a lot of overtime. Tens of thousands of dollars. They weren’t working at all. They were out selling cosmetics.”

Another board member, Bill Raglin, said he believed several of the people involved were not selling the products themselves.

“My impression was that the folks involved in this were paid for overtime they didn’t work,” Raglin said. “They were not paid overtime to go sell products. They may have been buying it from someone else. The issue we had is that people were being paid overtime for which they didn’t work.”

Thaw said he had conducted his own investigation and those were the facts he had obtained. He also expressed frustration over school officials’ unwillingness to reveal information about the case.

Several school officials, including school board lawyer Jim Withrow, have declined to disclose details regarding the scandal, citing personnel issues.

“That’s the information I developed,” Thaw said about his comments to the press. “I’m sick of being handed these confidential memorandums. Everything they’re doing down there is aimed at one thing: That’s to inhibit and slow up the communication process.”

The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department and prosecutor’s office are also investigating because public money was involved. A spokesman for the sheriff’s department said he could not talk about the situation until the investigation is complete.

Painter said she was unaware of anyone selling the products other than the supervisor.

Attempts to reach Bowen-Kerr were unsuccessful.

Painter said she was called into the county schools’ office in April and questioned about overtime she had apparently taken. But Painter denied ever taking overtime, or even asking for it.

In a private meeting, school officials showed her two questionable overtime checks, one for around $300 and another for $400, Painter said.

She insisted that her signature on the checks had been forged, and her name was even misspelled on one of them.

“I’d never seen those checks until they called me to Elizabeth Street,” Painter said. “There were differences in the two signatures. For one of them, they spelled my name, ‘Sherry’ instead of ‘Sheri.’

Painter was suspended on July 13 without pay. She had planned to work at the warehouse for summer maintenance.

So Painter was obviously taken aback last week when she learned that the school board terminated her. She is appealing the decision with the grievance board.

“I’d never been in trouble like this in my 47 years,” she said mild-mannerly. “My family’s a lot more ticked off than I am.”

Staff writer Kelly Holleran contributed to this story. Contact writer Jake Stump at or 348-4842. 

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Mary Kay Scandal? Updated

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 7, 2007

Mary Kay scandal rocks bus garage

Click the link above to read about the scandal. 

This is an employee abuse in which Mary Kay was the product used.  Employers should know that many employees spend “on the clock” time to disperse catalogs, collect money and distribute products and “opportunities” for OTHER types of MLMs (multi-level marketing). 

While it seems harmless to do school fundraisers or sell make up or home decor, et. al. it DOES take time away from an employer unless it is done during “off the clock” time. 

Having been in HR for years I saw more than a few people be reprimanded for abusing their “on the clock” time climbing the MLM ladder.


From another article on this same incident (Charleston Gazette):   

“Also Monday, board members terminated four employees who had worked at the Elkview bus terminal. They are: Ladonna Darby, Norma Jean Robinson, Reba Jones and Sheri Painter.

The firings are related to an investigation into overtime violations at the bus terminal. The employees had been suspended without pay since August.

Nancy Bowen-Kerr, a former supervisor at the Elkview terminal, approved some employees’ overtime so they could pay back tabs owed to her for Mary Kay cosmetic products, a county school official said in May. Bowen-Kerr resigned in June.

In July, school board members also approved Joan Painter’s resignation. She was a bus driver stationed at Elkview.

The overtime is believed to be in the tens of thousands of dollars, school officials have said. The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department has investigated the allegations.”

I saw this repeatedly in the banking industry.  Good people getting caught up in debt and resorting to stealing, fraud and other criminal behavior.  They justify it in their own minds as “I’m a good person who made a bad mistake or I’ll pay it back or I work hard, the company doesn’t pay me enough.” 

I’m done now. 😉

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A Mary Kay Minute

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 15, 2007

A Mary Kay Minute

In 2005 

Mary Kay Corporation sold $2.2 BILLION dollars of cosmetics (TO CONSULTANTS). 


Makes one pause and think…doesn’t it?

Check things out for YOURSELF!   If you’ve listened to a Mary Kay sales pitch then listen to other points of view:  

SOURCE GUIDE:  (info no longer available)

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Mary Kay Ash – Role Model and MORE

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on September 6, 2007

I am relating fact and some observations about another human being who was a public figure,  held up to others as a role model and more.  The part I have a problem with is the AND MORE.

Mary Kay Ash was a woman (fact).  She started something that would make her money (fact).  She knew about MLMs or direct sales because of her Stanley background (fact).  She named the company after herself (fact). She was involved in Mary Kay Corporation into the 1990s (fact).  She was a saleswoman who sold products to the consultants, sales directors, all the way up to the national sales directors (fact). 

Anyone (including me) can spin any of the stories of Mary Kay Ash into whatever yarn they want because everyone has a perspective.  Many women in Mary Kay cosmetics claim to have known her.  Maybe most only got a glimpse of her and what she wanted to portray to others…her image.   After all she was an excellent saleswoman. 

By most accounts Mary Kay Ash was a strong, smart woman.  She knew that she was admired and upheld as a role model to many, many women during four decades.  She was a normal human being and mom who wanted to survive and when she survived she wanted to thrive and on and on up the ladder of success.   She had power and she knew it. 

So Mary Kay Ash was a woman who did what she needed to do to feed her family and succeed in a male dominated world.  I can admire her for that.  I can’t fault her for wanting to name the company after herself because she made it work!  So far I would recommend her as a role model even if I don’t agree with her avenue of choice, an MLM. 

So what is my point?  Most people outside of Mary Kay cosmetics don’t know about the carefully crafted culture.  The women in pink, you know the power of pink.  I can’t pretend that I have a clue how or when it started but I can say that it is promoted throughout the organization.   In my opinion it isn’t a culture, it is a cult. 

Did you know that some women in Mary Kay cosmetics go as far as to use the WWMKD?  Asking “What Would Mary Kay Do?” along the lines of WWJD? “What Would Jesus Do?”  Some women repeat the words of Mary Kay as one would relate a scripture from religious text.  Some women pull religious text out to apply guilt and/or manipulate their down-line into ordering product or recruiting other women. 

Like it or not there IS a pink cult-ure, a girls club, where words like elite or exclusive are used to manipulate other women emotionally and mentally;  where women at the top are upheld as “Keepers of the Dream” and they are the women who are doing it the “right” way.  Those same women tell others NOT to talk to people outside or listen to what others say (classic cult sign).

PLEASE don’t believe me, look at information about cults and use it as a guide to determine if YOU think there is a cult there.

Keep your mind, your eyes and ears open because you can’t learn with them shut AND always question what you don’t understand!

Interested in learning more visit  or any of the links listed to the right to help get you started. 

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Mary Kay isn’t for me so WHAT DO I DO NOW?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on September 4, 2007

Whether Mary Kay was your main source of income, shoe money or a hobby you’ve got extra time to think about what comes next and how that time gets divided! 

Thinking about what you enjoyed about doing Mary Kay cosmetics could give you some clues for your future pursuits. 

If you enjoyed – then you may like:

Receiving inventory, counting, unpacking, organizing, ordering –   postal or delivery companies, purchase and supply positions, professional organizer, bank teller or gaming position, some factory positions.

Selling, recruiting, advertising, investigating, public speaking – retail sales, human resources, media positions, funding or grant work, non-profit positions.

Computer processing, PCP, client cards, spreadsheets, taxes and paperwork  – most office positions, clerical, accounting, communications positions, processing positions, healthcare clerical positions.

These are a few things to jump start your thought process and help you realize that life after Mary Kay may be a bit daunting but can also be fun to think about!

Another thing to consider now:  This is the PERFECT time to incorporate your passion into your work life.  If you’ve been like many of us, you’ve directed your life around the money you can make instead of making money from what you love.  Think about that; are you passionate about cooking, crafting, writing, reading, nurturing, teaching, learning, computing…whatever it is try to find a way to get paid for doing it or at least incorporate it into your thought process as you begin the next step!

Just time on your hands, give it to others!

Giving to others is also giving to yourself!  Some research has suggested this boosts your mental AND physical health.  Deep down we know this has to be true because we all get a smile on our face when someone understands what we are talking about.

If you need to fill some time there are many, many charities, hospitals and nursing homes that would LOVE for you to volunteer your time.  Why not use your left over Mary Kay lotions to soothe some frail hands as you talk or make someone feel pretty again?  What about the elderly in your church that would love some company?

Your local elementary school can ALWAYS use volunteers for anything from reading to little ones to grounds maintenance, just ask!

Animal lovers can spend time nurturing animals back to health or volunteer at the local shelter.  If you have a pet, build them an obstacle course and treat each other to some fun!  No pet…build an obstacle course for the local squirrels to figure out!  Be sure to add the nuts as a reward!

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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on August 31, 2007

For many women staying at home is a priority for various reasons.  No matter your reason for wanting or needing to stay at home there are plenty of things to do that can help fill the gaps!

Here are some web resources to get you started whether you want to stretch a dollar or make a dollar!

For those that are looking to get organized, save money and make your dollar stretch:    Get organized, tips to make it work with less stress  Stretch your dollar, living simply living  Stretch your dollar, deals, coupons, freebies  Preview Sunday newspaper coupons  Freebies, coupons and more  Play your coupons more wisely  Coupons, samples Find the lowest gas price in your town and fill up!

For those that are looking to work from home, network or start a business (beware MLMs or anything that requires payment for information or products):

**Added 11/23/07** Assisting college grads with PT work!  Virtual Assistant Networking Association  Ebay Trading Assistant  Documents for starting a business  Stay At Home Moms connect locally to network  Work At Home Moms Job Board

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How to Stay Stressed!!!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on August 23, 2007

I’m digging through papers and came across this gem.  Don’t know who to credit for touching my funny bone with the honest truth!  

How to Stay Stressed!!!

Take plenty of stimulants!  If coffee in the morning isn’t your thing, just have a couple of colas.  If you’re not sure whether your current stimulant intake is sufficient to stay stressed try alternating days with you favorite stimulants and then go without for a week.  That simple test should tell you if you need to increase the dosage.

Avoid religious or “woo-woo” practices!  Ignore all the claims and improbable research suggesting that anything resembling meditation, yoga, deep breathing, praying or stretch classes can help you.

Get rid of your social support system!  Let people know in no uncertain terms that your career comes first.  Friendships are something you can be concerned with only IF you have time and you NEVER have time.

Personalize all criticisms!  Don’t waste time trying to listen objectively or ask questions to clarify their meaning.  Be offended right off the bat!

Throw out your sense of humor!  Staying stressed is no laughing matter.  Humor gives you distance from your problems and make a creative solution more likely.  Laughter is even rumored to have positive effects on the body, avoid it!

Be in control!  Never weaken and ask for help.  If you want it done right, do it yourself.  In fact, just to be safe, have that tattooed on some part of your body where you can look at it daily.  

Become a workaholic!  Work late every evening and take work home on the weekends.  Keep your work cell phone in hand at all times.  Keep reminding yourself that vacations are for sissies.

Forget good time management!  You can put a lot more pressure on yourself if you will just do the little things first and worry about the big ones whenever you the a chance; do projects in whatever order feels good; be constantly available to everyone no matter what time of the day or night; let everyone else come first.

Avoid setting personal or career goals!  If you’re naïve enough to set goals you run the risk of putting your job or your life into perspective.

Procrastinate!  There’s certainly no good adrenalin rush to be had from getting started early on a project.

Worry about things you can’t control!  You know, the stock market, sun spots, the approaching ice age or melt-down (depending upon which side of the fence you’re on)…the really big issues.

Change things!  And not just a few things either, change everything you can, as often as you can.

Keep working!  No matter what your symptoms, no matter how you feel, no matter how your performance is suffering, keep working!  Besides, you want everyone to know, pity is a powerful stress buddy.

In conclusion:  Become a perfectionist by any methods you can; set impossibly high personal standards, don’t let anything get in the way of trying to meet them (friends, family, weddings, funerals, anything) THEN beat yourself up when you don’t meet those high standards, feel guilty, depressed, discourage, inadequate and generally down on yourself.  In other words, be as nasty to yourself and everyone around you…because you are stressed!

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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on July 14, 2007

After working in Mary Kay since the 1980s (so I’ve been informed) there are women making money at it.  That makes me say hmm!  

I have no doubt that someone who has been in Mary Kay since the 1980s and really worked it could have a decent customer base now, 20 years later.  with plenty of reordering from a good customer base ($14,000 retail) AND sales of $500 per week all year ($26,000 retail) would make the annual retail $40,000 retail, oh, I’ll be generous and say, $60,000 retail a year or hey, even $80,000 retail a year; so that would be anywhere from $15,000 to $38,000 a year in your pocket IF you are frugal (not a lot of expenses, overstock, no samples, etc.).   so, for the sake of argument, that’s roughly 20 years in the “business” of selling product and maybe a few recruits and your annual (pocketed) is $50,000.   

After 20 years (1980s to present) in a real JOB you’d be making at least $50,000 to $160,000 that actually went into your pocket, depending upon your profession and work ethic.  And on top of that you’d have a pension and/or 401(k), life, health, disability, benefits to say the least.  In addition you’d have friends (that you’d met at work) who would remain your friends if you switched jobs, got promoted or transferred (that doesn’t happen in MK).  

ladies (especially those that are young) please note the following about selling Mary Kay in the 1980s (a perspective of timing):   

In the 1980s, in the “pyramid” scheme of things there were actually women who had never heard of or tried the Mary Kay brand.  There weren’t many department stores around to try cosmetics if you lived outside of an urban area.  Malls were just starting to take off and be built.  Home parties were all the rage (Home Interiors, Longaberger baskets, etc.).  So the market was ripe for a pink lady to make money. 1980 era Mary Kay ladies started climbing the pyramid during the cool of the morn.  

***side note:  Mary Kay just happened to be successful.  Did you know that there is another cosmetic company out there that started right around the same time as Mary Kay did?  They didn’t turn their company into a cult/culture but they are in business just the same…jafra.  Similar but very different, one company “made it” the other is doing “okay.”  See we never hear about the “others”  (remember for every number one there is a second, third, fourth…hey, what do you know the majority of us are NOT number one).*** 

Back to the pyramid, there is NO MONEY at the base of the pyramid which is where you are if you are just starting out.  But in 2007 you must contend with market saturation, busy women who work during the day and don’t want to be bothered with parties, department stores, the internet stores and of course, EBAY where you can get MK at less than wholesale.   

so as opposed to the ladies that started in the 1980s, those starting Mary Kay now are trying to climb the pyramid during the heat of the day.  They get hot, tired and sweaty pretty quickly.  They realize the only way to make it in LESS than 20 years is to frontload tons of MK product on unsuspecting newbies.  No one in Mary Kay (including the brochures, your SD or NSD) tells the whole truth about how one makes an income in Mary Kay (especially the fast and easy money…shhhh, frontloading newbies).   

So here it is the truth about Building a career and making money in Mary Kay. 

It is like playing the PINK lottery.  

I’ll take a real JOB every time! 

only the VERY few ever make it to a profitable state in a MLM (multi-level marketing) which is the Mary Kay business model.    There are thousands of women who never made it to a profitable place, THOUSANDS, you just don’t hear about them from your SD or NSD.   

The truth is that one must SELL a LOT of product OR recruit and frontload a LOT of women and keep them recruiting and frontloading others.   

be a business woman, don’t listen to others and research it ALL yourself!

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Pink Truth – It is the right place…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on July 1, 2007

Pink Truth – It is the right place… 

The heartache and despair I read about everyday at Pink Truth humbles me.  For so long I thought my Mary Kay consultant story was the typical story.  More and more I find that the ladies who became directors (or tried) are the ladies that have suffered the most and are typical stories.  There are too many stories of too many women who have trusted in a company that is based on emotions, dreams, and half-truths.  Don’t believe me, what about their latest carrot dangling incident…double credit for June?

Mary Kay Corporate was supposed to be saving everyone by giving double credit during June (the last month of the Mary Kay year).  But what they were really doing is throwing everyone a bone because so many women weren’t ordering enough products that would allow them to be on stage at seminar.  After all, what is seminar without all those women walking across a stage?  Not much, huh?  So there MKC goes again, dangling another juicy carrot for YOU to work harder to get more ORDERS so that maybe you or your director or NSD can walk across the stage because of all the ordering or recruiting that was done. 

If you are war torn after the latest emotional roller coaster Mary Kay has put you through then Pink Truth is the right place to seek healing, knowledge and truth to pick up the pieces. 


We don’t have an immediate fix, but just realizing the truth is HUGE!

We have women who:

have been where you are and are getting their life back;

will listen and support you;

will share with you how they are coping;

will make you laugh when you feel like crying;

will tell you what happened next for them;

will tell you what mistakes they made and how they fixed them;

will understand YOU and where MK has lead you;

will just listen when you need to let off steam.

There are very smart, very talented, creative women who come here to support other very smart, very talented, creative women who were trusting and believed all the half-truths about Mary Kay as a career and making money only to be lured into a cult and pyramid scheme.

There is no shame in trusting others, believing in yourself or doing what you thought was right. Once your eyes are open it is easy to see what MKC is all about, not always so easy when you are lead by those that are less than honest or are blinded to the truth themselves.

There is everything human in making mistakes and everything heroic in trying to correct them, learn from them and moving on to higher ground! Let’s do it together! Together makes it much more fun!

Pink Truth is the right place…come join


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It’s Wire Walking Time in Mary Kay!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 27, 2007

We are down to the wire now.  Pleading, pushing, begging, “guilting” for orders will begin to wane as so many women realize that THEY HAVEN’T MADE IT…AGAIN! 

After reviewing the GMB video, reading lots of emails from various NSDs, directors and all the wannabes it is difficult to see (with my eyes opened) who would think this as a career or business.  These ladies are so desperate that they beg, plead and guilt in a manner I’ve NEVER seen another business person do in my life.  Not one place of employment I’ve had; not Wendy’s, not McDonald’s, not the Credit Bureau, not the department stores, not the banks…not ONE person have I ever heard or read of acting in this manner.  Likewise, I’ve never been to a beauty salon, spa or cosmetic counter that has used these tactics to get me to purchase products.  Maybe because they know I wouldn’t come back if they did.


Selling and recruiting for Mary Kay is EXACTLY like building a house of cards.  If you don’t get and keep a certain number of recruits, the cards start to fall.  If you don’t sell a certain amount of product, the cards start to fall.  You have no insurance for your house of cards.  You can’t make a payment on the house of cards when you are sick or when your down-line is sick or quits. 

Working a “career” in Mary Kay is like playing the lottery.  Do you know enough friends and family, who know enough friends, who know enough friends to become recruits or customers?  Do you have the time to go out, meet and greet strangers, go to their homes, give them facials and then MAYBE GET A SALE?  Is begging, pleading, guilting others the way you want to live your life for the CHANCE to be making what those in the top 2% make…really?  When you play the Mary Kay career lottery is it just YOU taking the chance or are you taking the chance of losing your family and friends?

This year thousands of women at seminar will be so sad when they enter the arena because they didn’t “make it”.  And then the hype, music, electricity begins to fill the air and everyone who was so glum gets “re-born, renewed, re-cultivated” by joining hands, singing, dancing and cheering for those who did!  They are putting on the face of “fake it until we make it; put your big girl panties on” because it is always about someone else…NOT YOU, NOT YOUR FAMILY…it is always about THEM and what they want and how you can achieve it.  Even if you make it to stage at seminar, big whoop, you cross the stage as you cross over to the next credit card filled with debt.  Is it worth it, really?

I have to say how sad I am for these women.  There will be very few (even at the top of the pyramid) that will do better than they did last year, whether they get on stage or not.  Mary Kay wouldn’t have been doubling dollars at the last minute if there weren’t a problem.  I really believe so many women are questioning all that is happening in MK and we should expect a tidal wave at PT after seminars.  They will be the walking wounded just like we were and will need support.  We/they are lucky we have that type of community available now.

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Home Party Business or Direct Selling

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 24, 2007

Through direct selling* I have:  

No medical insurance

No life insurance

No disability insurance

No sick day pay

No vacation pay

No option for a 401 (k) or employer contributions to a 401 (k)

No pension

No free training (REAL training) — that means teaching and telling what is in the products, how it works, how to apply, what may be in the products that would disagree with certain skin types and allergies, etc.

To pay for airfare, lodging to seminars, “classes”, “training” events

Not much SSI credit, which is based on income

No defined time of work and off time

All the same responsibilities (finding a sitter kids, cooking, cleaning, homework) WITH THE ADDED STRESS (see next)

All the responsibilities of finding bookings, getting a high percentage of people to buy on their first introduction to product, overhead of running a “business”,  pressure of buying more product from up-line, pressure from up-line to create a down-line, finding the extra money needed to go to seminar, buying gifts and samples for customers. 

I could go on…  

*Direct selling companies:  i.e. Mary Kay, Amway, Quintar, Home Interiors, various candle and jewelry, Pampered Chef………..let’s face it MOST home party/catalog books through friends and family are direct selling companies! 

The facts are the “consultant” or “sales person” is the real customer. 

Please check out some of my links to sites with more information!  Or just Google any of the names above and learn with an open mind.  

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My Mary Kay Story

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on April 15, 2007

I think my story is typical and that is exactly why I’m sharing it.  I want others to KNOW what happened with me and has happened with hundreds of thousands of other women.     I’ve always been into skin care and cosmetics.  I enjoy taking care of my skin and I like the way I look after I’ve applied my make-up 

When I was 20 my friend started Mary Kay and I had a party for her.  The line was okay but not for me.  She wanted me to sign in as her recruit but I didn’t.  I wanted to pursue a business career.  Cosmetics and playing in them was just for me.    Then, for a brief time in my late 20’s I used and sold Jafra.  It is a cosmetic company that started around the same time as Mary Kay and “works” in much the same way.  I did learn quite a bit about skin care and make-up during that time.  They had more training in one month than I got in 10 months of Mary Kay.  I remember I stopped selling Jafra because I wasn’t making any money.  I went back to department and drugstore cosmetics.   

Throughout my 30’s I tried Mary Kay off and on when I was invited to a party.  Looking back it seems during my 20’s and 30’s I went to WAY too many parties and bought stuff to help out a friend that wanted the host gift.  Sound familiar?      After turning 40 I knew the same old stuff wasn’t working for my aging skin.  I started to look for the “right system” for me.  I tried all types of systems from those on QVC, HSN to department store lines.  I wasn’t finding anything that worked for me.  And I had all kinds of half used items lying around.  I was tired of searching and remembered Mary Kay.  I started buying it from eBay stores.  Sometimes I got good product, other times not.   

We moved to a new area, far from family and friends.  I wanted to find some women to connect with and started going to a local gym.  One of the ladies was…you guessed it…a Mary Kay director.  Next thing I knew I was at a large party talking with women of all ages about one of my favorite subjects, cosmetics.  I tried all the new products and my face looked fabulous.  They fed me lunch and seemed like such good women.  I was entranced.  I enquired about the career opportunity because it all sounded so great.  90% buy back, only $100 to get started; everyone was happy and excited about their 20 to 30 year business.  The whole system costs $400 retail; why not save $300 and make some money at the same time!  HOW COULD I LOSE?????  MARY KAY IS SO REPUTABLE.  Sign me up! I made the financial decision to invest in a small store.  I wanted to have some inventory of basic items, some samples, office supplies which included everything from pens to staples to files to paper clips, the list went on and on.  I readily admit that it was FUN to go out and buy these things.  It was FUN to get packages in the mail to open, sort through and place into my inventory.  I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed making up flyers, facials (I preferred the one on one, I enjoyed getting to know the lady, sincerely wanted to help her, and I always sold more), running my own business on my terms (which simply isn’t true), and I was setting my own hours (uh, not really).  I knew that for the first couple of months I would be busy getting all these things set.  My family came last during this time…not first, last, we were all sacrificing to make it easier in the long run of my business.   

Because I opened a store and was a STAR consultant and had recruited I was told I’d be honored at a quarterly meeting.  I was to receive recognition for a great beginning.  They asked me to give them money so I could attend the meeting where I’d be honored.  I thought that a bit odd but obliged because I was excited to get a night out for myself. It was fun, a bit over the top in the rah-rah area for me but still fun.  As we were paraded about in order of our Stars I realized that this ranking system didn’t depend upon who SOLD the most, it was based on who BOUGHT the most from Mary Kay Corporation.  I saw women out in the audience selling raffle tickets to win HALF of the pot.  Okay, who got the other half of the pot, I thought.  Then the I-stories started pouring across the stage.  I’d never heard speeches like these before, about someone being so happy to be in a company and what success they were having in “their business”.  They all started to sound the same but very excited.  Later I wondered about all the phrases they were using (which are scripts).  I wondered why I was supposed to say things to clients that didn’t seem natural to me.   

I moved on and I sold quite well for a while; mostly to family and friends and then to their friends and some neighbors (this is completely typical). I invested in some bridal lists and advertising leads (to the tune of $450) but not ONE of those panned out … NOT ONE response from calls or postcards (which cost time and money).  Yes, I did both in a desperate attempt to get SOME of my money back, but I did not.   After about five months I became frustrated.  I was working almost 12/7, always in “Mary Kay uniform” and full face (because heck, I never knew who I would run into or who would call wanting to stop by for an order – ALWAYS ON).  Every quarter there were NEW products to buy (at least one as a tester) and some things I still had in inventory were already discontinued…I had JUST gotten people to try and buy them.  I didn’t like that at all.  It seemed like the catch-up game to me.   

I contacted my director and she said it was because I didn’t attend meetings and told me that they helped so much with new ideas and challenges.  I told her I was full of ideas and nothing was working.  I told her I’m not an idiot and I’m not.  I was in the business world for 20+ years and did very well until I chose to stay home with my kids while they are young.   She sent me some CDs and DVDs for encouragement.  I listened to a few and yes, these ladies were excited but they all said the same things, over and over and over again.  I had to wonder why are these women “idolizing” Mary Kay Ash and why it was so important to keep pushing for more recruits versus sales.   

Then my director placed in my hand something that made me question her AND Mary Kay Corporation’s ethics.  It was script that said when recruiting other women who may not have the money to open their business, have them ask other family members and friends for the money to start their business.  ANY company that even HINTS at this type of abomination isn’t ethical NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT; much less gives you exact words as to telling OTHERS to do this!!! I started questioning more and more about Mary Kay this “reputable” company that was around for so long.  My dear friend who was my recruit and I began to talk more about things that weren’t working and how all we got from our director was encouragement to purchase or recruit.  After two out and out lies to me I knew Mary Kay and the people in it wasn’t the place for me.  I was degraded by my director.  She insisted that I wasn’t working my business right if I worked more than 20 hours a week.  There was something always wrong with me.  Thank goodness my self-esteem was high enough to know that it wasn’t me.  But being the analyst I am, I had to know what wasn’t working and how all these other ladies seemed to be doing so GREAT!!!! 

My dear friend and I had seen some websites that painted Mary Kay Corporation in a less than flattering light.  Up until this point I had dismissed them.  I decided to see what these websites had to say about Mary Kay.   I read with an open mind other women’s experiences.  I learned of pyramids and MLMs (multi-level-marketing).  I realized to make money you must work constantly and well over 40 hours a week as a consultant or sign up hundreds of people to sell it and KEEP (that is a key word…KEEP) them in Mary Kay.  I had felt and it was confirmed that Mary Kay is a cult.  It meets EVERY definition of a cult.  And lastly, Mary Kay preys upon women who are at home (wanting to be with their kids) with a need for extra money or recognition that at home moms don’t get from their family.  Mary Kay is designed to creep into every fiber of your life until you are engulfed and your life isn’t your own any more.   

The truth, my conclusion, the fact is Mary Kay is a cult within a pyramid scheme.    
Pink Truth provided me the information and support to get my life, my family and my FREEDOM back!   Pink Truth is the place to find truthful information about Mary Kay and other MLMs (most all of the at home party “businesses”) provides a source of support for those in the process of DE-PINKING and recovering!!!!

If you are even considering Mary Kay as an option in your life, investigate it thoroughly and with open eyes.  Just because a reputation is good doesn’t mean you should invest without checking…think about all those who invested in ENRON.   Please don’t go into debt over Mary Kay; please don’t leave your family (like I did for six months)!!!  IT IS NOT WORTH IT AND IT TAKES MORE THAN 40 HOURS A WEEK TO MAKE $500!!!  Just work the numbers and it is easy to figure out!  Look at it this way, you can put 40 hours of work into your MK business and there isn’t a guarantee you will get a dime…not one thin dime because NO ONE HAS TO BUY IT or sign up and STAY in MK! Still think I’m wrong, check out eBay and see how many people are dumping their stuff at a LOSS

Regain your LIFE!!! 

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