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Escape and Release Your Gifts!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on June 8, 2009

Please don’t be so hard on yourself, others aren’t (at least people that really matter)!

Most of us struggle with self-consciousness issues. We can’t let that stop us!

I could name several people (who aren’t so nice) that are successful and put themselves out there all the time on TV and film. And then there are really nice people who give uplifting information and try to help (aka Oprah, if that end of the spectrum helps).

Those who know us know what we look like and still like or love us for the people we ARE!

Look at everyone around you that speaks well of you. bending over backwards to do so at times.  There is a large positive ripple effect there, why not be the stone that causes the ripple.

If all anyone cared about was what a person looked like then yikes, we’d all be like Hollywood…ick…what a depressing world that would be.  Picking each other apart instead of building each other up or working together.

Focus and capitalize on your strengths and forget about (what you perceive as) weaknesses…everyone wins that way! Why? You win and the people around you win because you share with them your gifts instead of coddling them in self-consciousness.

Sending love and good thoughts, Debi


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Hey Media, what does this mean…exactly?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 11, 2008

It seems we’ve been upgrading computers and machines and downgrading our humanity and individuality for so long it is hard to spot until the finger is pointed at us.

Could any of us take the scrutiny that so many take in the media these days? 

From a mother disciplining her child in what she thought was private; to whether a FEMALE candidate should have her young family with her; to a mother so divided between so many duties, wife, mother, housekeeper, executive that she would forget her own newborn, these are ordinary people thrust into the limelight.  Being judged as if there was no humanity and that they should have never made a mistake or done that, shame on them.

Have you compared them with the Hollywood elite that all the media root for to do better, Brittany, Paris, Lindsey?  Seems they can make repeated mistakes, vowing to do something better with their lives and…well, you know the rest…they are rubber and we are glue.

Feel left out as an ordinary person?  What if it happened to you?  Which category would you fall into? 

It makes one wonder if “us worker bees” are being set up to work as computers with nary a mistake to be made and those that are deemed by the media as “queen bees” get passes for being “human.” 

Makes a difference as to how the media depits it all, doesn’t it?  Bias in the media?  Oh come on…they are all fair and balanced.

So which island will you land on?   THE ISLAND

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The Truth about Women in Despair

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 12, 2008

I’ve come across another blog via Angie’s blog  named WomanHonorThyself.  Today, she made excellent observations about how downtrodden and depressed so many women are these days.   

As it fizzled in my brain I thought and commented:

It is hard to admit that we women don’t honor ourselves.  But is it easy to see when the evidence is pointed out so clearly.

I remember a commercial that defined/predicted the onslaught of depression in women:

“I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let you forget you’re a man.  Cause I’m a woman!”

This is expected of us.  Latch-key kids weren’t included in that song…who the heck is raising the kids? 

Our society has been hypnotised by commercial personas that led/lead us to believe/desire what is dangled out in front of us as the “carrot” of life.  The essense of life is to have what the commercials tell us to have because it makes everyone so happy to have it. 

We can turn just about anything from one perspective to another making it sound so terrible or so great.  But the truth is the truth. 

NO ONE… NO ONE… NO ONE has it ALL.  There are some who would argue that statement.  But deep down we all know the TRUTH. 

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Autism Stories – Paths

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on February 11, 2008


A special series about autism.

Sunday:  Brothers with autism.

Monday:  Patrick

What’s behind the increase?

What you should know about autism.

Types of autism.

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Another update on the Mary Kay Bus Employee Scandal 12/19/07

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 21, 2007


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I’m a spiced nut!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 21, 2007


My Christmas tradition for about 24 years now is making SPICED WALNUTS or SPICED PECANS or both.  Pop some into a tin or decorative jar and it is a nice gift for anyone. The smell will bring you delights for days!

The BEST thing about this recipe is that I’m giving you the basic recipe and then you can tweak it to your own taste.  I imagine you could do this with most nuts. 

1 1/2 cups your preferred nut for spicing (about 6 ounces)

1/2 cup of white sugar

1/2 cup of water

1/2 teaspoon grated orange zest

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

1/4 teaspoon ground clove

1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

Combine all ingredients in a heavy skillet (non-stick or well seasoned) over medium med-heat and heat to boiling stirring constantly until ALL the liquid is evaporated, nuts are coated and sugary.  Transfer to a non-stick cookie sheet and break apart while still warm.  Let cool and enjoy.

MY TIP:  I prefer to put all the dry ingredients (NOT the nuts) into the pan, add the water and boil until beginning to thicken THEN add the nuts.  I do this because the nuts remain crisp (is that the right word, ha) as opposed to soggy. 

Play with the spices until you find the right mix for your taste!


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Gearing up for gluttony!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 20, 2007

I’ve never noticed so many gloomy faces during the most festive time of year.  Maybe because I’m paying attention.  A nice smile on my face is met with pert lips and a quick glance away. 

Why?  Why are so many  running around with such gloomy faces?  Are they on a sugar induced crash from tasting too many of their Christmas treats they made last weekend?  Are their pants too tight?  Are they in the midst of the financial strain (been there done that)?  Then it dawned on me…they are starving themselves!  Gearing up for the gluttony that will begin this coming weekend!

I’ve already warned Hungry Hubby that we are going to tone it down this year on the goodies.  I’ve only made some banana bread (frozen) and my traditional spiced nuts (hidden).  I had made oatmeal raisins but um…they are gone with the wind.  Surprise! Surprise!  That is why I’ll wait until this weekend to make one more item that I know won’t keep very long. 

My last item will be the least healthy but more into the Christmas tradition.  Some people call them Russian Teacakes or Danish Christmas cookies, others call them Mexican Wedding cookies, we call them YUMMY!  I like to put food coloring into the mix for white, green and red (although it looks pinkish) with a healthy dose of powdered sugar over top. 

Here is a peek at my spiced nuts (pecan). 


I also do walnut but prefer pecan because they hold up better and look pretty.

These are SUPER easy and I’m going to share the recipe in my next post. 

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Autism…think about it.

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 1, 2007

imoff.jpg       newhouseshooes2.jpg    march24.jpg

If autism is a subject that interests you; if you follow the autism news; if you know someone or love someone on the autism spectrum; you may want to read this

The link:

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Toys from China, lead, autism, connection?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 21, 2007

I’ve been wondering and wondering when I was going to find an article, blog, someone in the media to point out the obvious ….

 AUTISM….TOYS with lead from CHINA…..CONNECTION???????

Ding, ding, ding, ding



Okay, don’t beat up on me…this is a bit of tongue in cheek…but not many out there are writing about this.

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Let’s come together to accept, treat and solve the autism puzzle!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 20, 2007

This segment from Larry King Live about autism is a SHINING example of how we can come together to help each other and those we love.  What echos in my mind over and over again is that autism can be as unique as the individual. 

Even in our case Big Boy has some classic autism such as flapping and fixating but exhibits concern for others, looks at you and initiates conversation (albeit limited). 

I feel extremely blessed because I didn’t stop at the first pediatrition that said, “Let’s wait, we don’t want to give him a label.” Labels, smables we all have our life battles to fight. 

I believe with all my being that early intervention is truly the key to opening the door of communication for a child who is autistic.  The door may be talking; but if not then sign language, keyboarding, music, singing, blinking, tapping, humming, drawing, rocking, flapping…a smile. 

They seek connection just like we all do.  I don’t always have the right words to say or how exactly to say them or even express every emotion I have in a given time.  Possibly that is more common for my son and those like him;  seeking the way, trying to find a way to communcate from a different place in the world than the rest of us.  He/they have my heart!

CNN link:

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When you suspect autism…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 20, 2007



FIND HELP!  – I suggest finding a certified neurodevelopmental pediatrician.





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Mary Kay Scandal at Bus Garage UPDATE

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 14, 2007

From the Charleston (WV) Daily Mail:

Bus garage worker says she didn’t sell Mary Kay 

One of the school bus employees fired for allegedly having a role in an unworked overtime scandal said she was wrongly terminated and denied selling beauty and skincare products while on the clock for the school system.

Sheri Painter, who worked as a bus driver at the Elkview terminal for eight years, was one of four bus employees whose dismissals were disclosed at a Kanawha County school board meeting last week.

According to school officials, at least 10 employees at the Elkview facility have either been fired or quit because of allegations they collected tens of thousands of dollars in overtime pay while selling Mary Kay products.

“I never sold Mary Kay,” said Painter, 47, of Elkview. “I was doing my job. To say I was out selling Mary Kay is just ridiculous.”

Painter said she has hired an attorney, Charles Hamilton, to look into the matter.

She contends she never sold the products, but would often see Mary Kay items for sale displayed on tables at the bus terminal.

“One time, around Christmas, there were little Mary Kay baskets out for sale,” Painter said. “On another day, there were so many boxes of Mary Kay products sitting out at the bottom of the steps of the garage.”

Painter recalled one instance in which she received $250 extra on a paycheck sometime last year between September and December.

According to Painter, she alerted her supervisor, Nancy Bowen-Kerr, about the discrepancy. Painter said Bowen-Kerr told her to cash the check and hand the $250 over to her.

“I cashed it, and about an hour later, she gave me a bag of Mary Kay,” Painter said. “I just took it. I didn’t know what it was, a gift or what.”

Painter claims that Bowen-Kerr then asked her if she wanted to buy any other Mary Kay products, noting they’d make a nice Christmas gift for Painter’s daughter.

Bowen-Kerr resigned in June amid an investigation into the Mary Kay scandal. Last week, school board member Pete Thaw said, “Here’s what we think happened. The supervisor gave those people overtime and they used it to sell Mary Kay cosmetic products. I’m talking about a lot of overtime. Tens of thousands of dollars. They weren’t working at all. They were out selling cosmetics.”

Another board member, Bill Raglin, said he believed several of the people involved were not selling the products themselves.

“My impression was that the folks involved in this were paid for overtime they didn’t work,” Raglin said. “They were not paid overtime to go sell products. They may have been buying it from someone else. The issue we had is that people were being paid overtime for which they didn’t work.”

Thaw said he had conducted his own investigation and those were the facts he had obtained. He also expressed frustration over school officials’ unwillingness to reveal information about the case.

Several school officials, including school board lawyer Jim Withrow, have declined to disclose details regarding the scandal, citing personnel issues.

“That’s the information I developed,” Thaw said about his comments to the press. “I’m sick of being handed these confidential memorandums. Everything they’re doing down there is aimed at one thing: That’s to inhibit and slow up the communication process.”

The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department and prosecutor’s office are also investigating because public money was involved. A spokesman for the sheriff’s department said he could not talk about the situation until the investigation is complete.

Painter said she was unaware of anyone selling the products other than the supervisor.

Attempts to reach Bowen-Kerr were unsuccessful.

Painter said she was called into the county schools’ office in April and questioned about overtime she had apparently taken. But Painter denied ever taking overtime, or even asking for it.

In a private meeting, school officials showed her two questionable overtime checks, one for around $300 and another for $400, Painter said.

She insisted that her signature on the checks had been forged, and her name was even misspelled on one of them.

“I’d never seen those checks until they called me to Elizabeth Street,” Painter said. “There were differences in the two signatures. For one of them, they spelled my name, ‘Sherry’ instead of ‘Sheri.’

Painter was suspended on July 13 without pay. She had planned to work at the warehouse for summer maintenance.

So Painter was obviously taken aback last week when she learned that the school board terminated her. She is appealing the decision with the grievance board.

“I’d never been in trouble like this in my 47 years,” she said mild-mannerly. “My family’s a lot more ticked off than I am.”

Staff writer Kelly Holleran contributed to this story. Contact writer Jake Stump at or 348-4842. 

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Whatever it takes…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 9, 2007

thank-a-veteran.jpg    Thanks to all those who have served, are serving and will serve and to those who paid the ultimate price.

The link below takes you to a beautiful song and slideshow.


Shared by RW. 

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Mary Kay Scandal? Updated

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 7, 2007

Mary Kay scandal rocks bus garage

Click the link above to read about the scandal. 

This is an employee abuse in which Mary Kay was the product used.  Employers should know that many employees spend “on the clock” time to disperse catalogs, collect money and distribute products and “opportunities” for OTHER types of MLMs (multi-level marketing). 

While it seems harmless to do school fundraisers or sell make up or home decor, et. al. it DOES take time away from an employer unless it is done during “off the clock” time. 

Having been in HR for years I saw more than a few people be reprimanded for abusing their “on the clock” time climbing the MLM ladder.


From another article on this same incident (Charleston Gazette):   

“Also Monday, board members terminated four employees who had worked at the Elkview bus terminal. They are: Ladonna Darby, Norma Jean Robinson, Reba Jones and Sheri Painter.

The firings are related to an investigation into overtime violations at the bus terminal. The employees had been suspended without pay since August.

Nancy Bowen-Kerr, a former supervisor at the Elkview terminal, approved some employees’ overtime so they could pay back tabs owed to her for Mary Kay cosmetic products, a county school official said in May. Bowen-Kerr resigned in June.

In July, school board members also approved Joan Painter’s resignation. She was a bus driver stationed at Elkview.

The overtime is believed to be in the tens of thousands of dollars, school officials have said. The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department has investigated the allegations.”

I saw this repeatedly in the banking industry.  Good people getting caught up in debt and resorting to stealing, fraud and other criminal behavior.  They justify it in their own minds as “I’m a good person who made a bad mistake or I’ll pay it back or I work hard, the company doesn’t pay me enough.” 

I’m done now. 😉

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Autism Increase Due to Better Diagnoses?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 5, 2007

Autism is on the rise just because doctors are including more in the spectrum.  So says this article and many others.

Here is what I know and why I’m question this line of thinking/belief:

The “experts” have been explaining away the increase for years!  Just exactly how many decades does it take for the “better diagnoses” take to even out so we can measure apples with apples? 

Spectrum disorders have been in place for years; well before my son was diagnosed.  In 1998 the CDC reported that autism INCLUDING PDD categories was 1 in 500; recent figures state 1 in 150.  That makes me gasp! 

How is it in 2000 I quickly found a doctor that could tell me why my son wasn’t talking?  He was only two and at that time the spectrum disorders were already in place and schools/teachers had plans in place to pull my son into the PUBLIC school. 

Why did the CDC come to our neighborhood and tell us that we were just randomly picked in our area?  Then come to find out they visited almost everyone in our neighborhood.  Was it because our child was recently diagnosed?  Was it because we had neighbors with children who exhibited autistic characteristics? 

Why isn’t the media (who loves to sound alarms) doing some investigative pieces on this?  We only hear about some families and their fight/plight or celebs who found “the cure.”

Where is John Stossel when you need him?

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Autism and the Amish Revisited

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 29, 2007


Autism and the Amish Revisited

 Recently at the Y I picked up a free copy of Chiropractic Wellness ( with no indication on the cover that an article about the aforementioned was within the pages.  The article has great points but most of which are not new ( 

I started wondering if many are jumping onto the Autism “band wagon.”   If their intentions are good then I say come right ahead and jump in there.  Keep it in the forefront for everyone to see so we can, at the VERY least, know how and why autism is on the rise and promote awareness.  I certainly wonder if all the childhood vaccines are playing a role but I’m not certain that is all there is to it.


 My main objective in discussing autism is that mothers become aware of the signs so they can be as proactive in their child’s care as possible. Early detection can possibly lead to great things because the development of their brain both physically and mentally is rapid in the first few years of life!


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Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 11, 2007

 A friend of mine found a link about hyperlexia that I didn’t have and I was very glad to get it.  Maybe I have it and don’t remember it.  Guess I need to search the web more and update my huge list!

Some things I’d like to say about the information at this link.  Our experience has been “text book” except for the “normal” development to 18 months.  I knew my son was extraordinary very early on by his manner.  I knew he understood some of what we said because his skills with words and numbers were very apparent before the age of one.  He would come to me, point at a number and I would say it, then the next then the next, same with words and I would point to the pictures and his eyes would light up and he’d clap.  That type of behavior (to some) wouldn’t fall into the descriptions of the autism spectrum. 

I was very surprised to see that some may consider this a non-autistic disorder.  All anyone has to do is be around my son to know that this is a spectrum disorder and how incredibly wonderful and special he is in his own way. 

We are blessed with an excellent neurodevelopmental doctor who knew just where he fell on the autism spectrum.  The hyperlexia is a strength we had been building on from the beginning and is serving him well. 

For information about what to look for:

I think concentrating on and developing our STRENGTHS leads us to HIGHER places!!!

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DUMB, DE, DUMB, DUMB…….DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 9, 2007

 DUMB, DE, DUMB, DUMB…….DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I want this to stand out from my other posts?  YES!

Now available TUMS FOR KIDS!!!!   


I realize that companies out there want to get kids on the bandwagon as early as possible so they can GAIN BRAND LOYALTY for a LIFETIME.  BUT give me a BREAK!!!!!!


Before one rushes out to buy this product PLEASE think about what a child that needs TUMS is eating to cause the need for this OTC MEDICATION!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used Tums (as an adult over 40) on occasion and they were effective for a short term solution (that evening).  However, I could never use up the huge bottles they come in now.  (Can you say popping them like CANDY?) I sure couldn’t find the little rolls they used to come in either…wonder why?  HMMM???

I must ponder some questions:

Are drug companies targeting our kids?

Are we ready to put our kids on the road to dependence? 

Are drug companies about greed these days?

Can’t we remove the cause of THIS type of symptom (in most cases) by changing the diet?

Something to think about and be aware of so we aren’t DUMB, DE, DUMB, DUMB….DUMB!!!!!

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All I have to say today…

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on September 30, 2007

Ignorance is bliss to those who profit by it!

 Think about it, read, learn, understand, be aware!


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Mary Kay Ash – Role Model and MORE

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on September 6, 2007

I am relating fact and some observations about another human being who was a public figure,  held up to others as a role model and more.  The part I have a problem with is the AND MORE.

Mary Kay Ash was a woman (fact).  She started something that would make her money (fact).  She knew about MLMs or direct sales because of her Stanley background (fact).  She named the company after herself (fact). She was involved in Mary Kay Corporation into the 1990s (fact).  She was a saleswoman who sold products to the consultants, sales directors, all the way up to the national sales directors (fact). 

Anyone (including me) can spin any of the stories of Mary Kay Ash into whatever yarn they want because everyone has a perspective.  Many women in Mary Kay cosmetics claim to have known her.  Maybe most only got a glimpse of her and what she wanted to portray to others…her image.   After all she was an excellent saleswoman. 

By most accounts Mary Kay Ash was a strong, smart woman.  She knew that she was admired and upheld as a role model to many, many women during four decades.  She was a normal human being and mom who wanted to survive and when she survived she wanted to thrive and on and on up the ladder of success.   She had power and she knew it. 

So Mary Kay Ash was a woman who did what she needed to do to feed her family and succeed in a male dominated world.  I can admire her for that.  I can’t fault her for wanting to name the company after herself because she made it work!  So far I would recommend her as a role model even if I don’t agree with her avenue of choice, an MLM. 

So what is my point?  Most people outside of Mary Kay cosmetics don’t know about the carefully crafted culture.  The women in pink, you know the power of pink.  I can’t pretend that I have a clue how or when it started but I can say that it is promoted throughout the organization.   In my opinion it isn’t a culture, it is a cult. 

Did you know that some women in Mary Kay cosmetics go as far as to use the WWMKD?  Asking “What Would Mary Kay Do?” along the lines of WWJD? “What Would Jesus Do?”  Some women repeat the words of Mary Kay as one would relate a scripture from religious text.  Some women pull religious text out to apply guilt and/or manipulate their down-line into ordering product or recruiting other women. 

Like it or not there IS a pink cult-ure, a girls club, where words like elite or exclusive are used to manipulate other women emotionally and mentally;  where women at the top are upheld as “Keepers of the Dream” and they are the women who are doing it the “right” way.  Those same women tell others NOT to talk to people outside or listen to what others say (classic cult sign).

PLEASE don’t believe me, look at information about cults and use it as a guide to determine if YOU think there is a cult there.

Keep your mind, your eyes and ears open because you can’t learn with them shut AND always question what you don’t understand!

Interested in learning more visit  or any of the links listed to the right to help get you started. 

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