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Movie: New In Town…Oddity

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on February 15, 2009

Thanks to my husband, on Valentine’s Day I got to see “New In Town” the movie with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr. It was a simple, good movie. I enjoyed it.

However, I saw something strange duirng the movie. I searched the web but didn’t find anything about it. So…in case anyone else does a search maybe they will find my entry here.

During the scene that Zellweger walked with other carolers toward the Christmas tree, she looked into a crowd (in which Connick was standing) and in the crowd I saw something odd. But didn’t have enough time to distinguish what I was seeing and I’ve puzzled over it since.

Any one else have information to offer on that?


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Mega Churches, What have they become?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 27, 2008

Mega church, I used to think, was a place where some real people were worshiping God and helping each other understand how to make it in the world that we are IN but not OF. 

After all the commotion in the 1980s with the “mega” stars of church, scandals, backstabbing, (all of which I saw at a local level too) I was so turned off I left churches completely.  I retrieved into my spirit, looking to God to guide me. Yes, I did (still do) lean upon my own understanding with an open mind as to others thoughts and feelings on matters of the spirit and other things then I look to God to show me.  After all, HE knows me BEST. 

Milkinthecloset re-introduced me to what is going on in mega churches.  During Christmas I saw on TV a man defending why his mega church had such elaborate stage shows.  They explained that the shows raise millions and cost about one million to be put together.  Let’s call it as it is, these are Broadway shows with a religious twist.  People go to those churches so they or family can be on stage and use it for a resume. Okay, not ALL of them, some of them just want some entertainment in a religious setting.

It’s like, God isn’t big enough (have you seen the structure of a seed that grows into a huge tree, the Andromeda galaxy, your unique fingerprint?), we need to make Him “viable” to today’s “entertain me” world. 

Think the stage isn’t set?  Seems very easy for me to see His Son walking into a mega church saying the same thing He did more than 2000 years ago when He walked in a synagogue. 

Things that make me go hmm!

Call me a skeptic or maybe that just isn’t the life for me.  If and when I’m called back to a church I seriously doubt it will be a mega church.  But then again God may call me to be an undercover spy.

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I’m a spiced nut!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 21, 2007


My Christmas tradition for about 24 years now is making SPICED WALNUTS or SPICED PECANS or both.  Pop some into a tin or decorative jar and it is a nice gift for anyone. The smell will bring you delights for days!

The BEST thing about this recipe is that I’m giving you the basic recipe and then you can tweak it to your own taste.  I imagine you could do this with most nuts. 

1 1/2 cups your preferred nut for spicing (about 6 ounces)

1/2 cup of white sugar

1/2 cup of water

1/2 teaspoon grated orange zest

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

1/4 teaspoon ground clove

1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

Combine all ingredients in a heavy skillet (non-stick or well seasoned) over medium med-heat and heat to boiling stirring constantly until ALL the liquid is evaporated, nuts are coated and sugary.  Transfer to a non-stick cookie sheet and break apart while still warm.  Let cool and enjoy.

MY TIP:  I prefer to put all the dry ingredients (NOT the nuts) into the pan, add the water and boil until beginning to thicken THEN add the nuts.  I do this because the nuts remain crisp (is that the right word, ha) as opposed to soggy. 

Play with the spices until you find the right mix for your taste!


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Gearing up for gluttony!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 20, 2007

I’ve never noticed so many gloomy faces during the most festive time of year.  Maybe because I’m paying attention.  A nice smile on my face is met with pert lips and a quick glance away. 

Why?  Why are so many  running around with such gloomy faces?  Are they on a sugar induced crash from tasting too many of their Christmas treats they made last weekend?  Are their pants too tight?  Are they in the midst of the financial strain (been there done that)?  Then it dawned on me…they are starving themselves!  Gearing up for the gluttony that will begin this coming weekend!

I’ve already warned Hungry Hubby that we are going to tone it down this year on the goodies.  I’ve only made some banana bread (frozen) and my traditional spiced nuts (hidden).  I had made oatmeal raisins but um…they are gone with the wind.  Surprise! Surprise!  That is why I’ll wait until this weekend to make one more item that I know won’t keep very long. 

My last item will be the least healthy but more into the Christmas tradition.  Some people call them Russian Teacakes or Danish Christmas cookies, others call them Mexican Wedding cookies, we call them YUMMY!  I like to put food coloring into the mix for white, green and red (although it looks pinkish) with a healthy dose of powdered sugar over top. 

Here is a peek at my spiced nuts (pecan). 


I also do walnut but prefer pecan because they hold up better and look pretty.

These are SUPER easy and I’m going to share the recipe in my next post. 

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The financial strain of the holidays

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 8, 2007

I’m usually about appreciation and thanksgiving especially during this time of year but I had a realization yesterday that I just had to share and wondered if others where feeling the financial strain of the holidays.  Here’s my thoughts toned down quite a bit from yesterday:

The more life I live … the more I wonder about all this dream peddling… the money grubbing… the almighty dollar… the set up of buying stuff for Christmas.  The “black” Friday where everyone is to rise up and FINALLY make money for the merchants who’ve been operating all year at a loss (WHAT?).  Everyone open your wallets and spend, spend, spend so that everyone everywhere will have all the STUFF they want on Christmas morn (or for each day of Hanukkah). 

I guess you could say I’m feeling the financial strain of Christmas as I do every year around this time.  But that is mitigating what is going on deep down underneath everything, isn’t it?   What is going on?

Living without a nest egg or knowing that retirement may not be an option is one thing but when a person has to decide between taking a sick child to the doctor versus paying $200 out of pocket (and that is with insurance folks) what the heck are you supposed to do? 

Am I mad?  YES!  Frustrated?  YES!  Upset?  YES!  It was at this point I could imagine how people beg, borrow or steal to keep life going…really, I saw the OTHER side!  I glimpsed it, felt it and then quickly pushed it aside.

Of course you take the child to the doctor and figure out how to pay the bill when it comes…but I thought I was paying insurance premiums so I wouldn’t have to fork out this kind of money.  What the heck happened to health care/insurance and what the heck am I paying for?

I’ve suddenly had an awakening and have to ask myself, am I going to continue paying the cash cow?  And who exactly is the cash cow, the doctor, the hospital, the insurance company?  The person who runs to the doctor for every sniffle but has plenty of extra cash to pay whatever premium AND the $200 bill are they to blame? 

Then I got to thinking about how quickly things have gone up in price.  Shall I get started on the price of gasoline from 2004 to present?  Milk has gone from $2.50 to almost $5, bread from $1.29 to $2.07 (update 12/12/07, just got home from the store, same bread is now $2.54 a loaf…what the heck is going on?)  in just the last TWO years!  WHAT?  Did your wages increase that much?  Cause I don’t know ANYONE who got that type of windfall in wages.

If Christmas spending is another record breaking year then more than just a few people are piling up debt they may never get paid.  This year we will do with much less so tomorrow we can have what we need, like bread and milk; and some of what we want like electric and gasoline.

 I’m done now.  😉

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Online Shopping DEALS!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on December 5, 2007




Can I just say EBAY??!!!  Wow if I had some extra bucks I’d be pulling in some deals right now.  Some EBAYERS are offering free shipping…check it out!  

Here are some other links to consider when shopping for bargains online this year:  Online coupons, deals, cash back and comparison shopping!  YES, I want a fat wallet after Christmas!!!  Rebates, deals, offers, you can’t afford NOT to check out this website! You must join to find out the offers but the kicker to join is a $10 card to one of the following:  Best Buy, Target, Sephora, Office Depot or iTunes OR you can opt for $5 CASH! 

Hope these are helpful to you.  I LOVE BARGAINS!!! 

As Wilma used to say to Betty, “CHARGE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

Well, as a former banker I have to say DON’T charge it.  DO start a Christmas account that pays out in October for NEXT year. 

I’m done now.  😉

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