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Hey Media, what does this mean…exactly?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 11, 2008

It seems we’ve been upgrading computers and machines and downgrading our humanity and individuality for so long it is hard to spot until the finger is pointed at us.

Could any of us take the scrutiny that so many take in the media these days? 

From a mother disciplining her child in what she thought was private; to whether a FEMALE candidate should have her young family with her; to a mother so divided between so many duties, wife, mother, housekeeper, executive that she would forget her own newborn, these are ordinary people thrust into the limelight.  Being judged as if there was no humanity and that they should have never made a mistake or done that, shame on them.

Have you compared them with the Hollywood elite that all the media root for to do better, Brittany, Paris, Lindsey?  Seems they can make repeated mistakes, vowing to do something better with their lives and…well, you know the rest…they are rubber and we are glue.

Feel left out as an ordinary person?  What if it happened to you?  Which category would you fall into? 

It makes one wonder if “us worker bees” are being set up to work as computers with nary a mistake to be made and those that are deemed by the media as “queen bees” get passes for being “human.” 

Makes a difference as to how the media depits it all, doesn’t it?  Bias in the media?  Oh come on…they are all fair and balanced.

So which island will you land on?   THE ISLAND


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The Truth about Women in Despair

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on March 12, 2008

I’ve come across another blog via Angie’s blog  named WomanHonorThyself.  Today, she made excellent observations about how downtrodden and depressed so many women are these days.   

As it fizzled in my brain I thought and commented:

It is hard to admit that we women don’t honor ourselves.  But is it easy to see when the evidence is pointed out so clearly.

I remember a commercial that defined/predicted the onslaught of depression in women:

“I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let you forget you’re a man.  Cause I’m a woman!”

This is expected of us.  Latch-key kids weren’t included in that song…who the heck is raising the kids? 

Our society has been hypnotised by commercial personas that led/lead us to believe/desire what is dangled out in front of us as the “carrot” of life.  The essense of life is to have what the commercials tell us to have because it makes everyone so happy to have it. 

We can turn just about anything from one perspective to another making it sound so terrible or so great.  But the truth is the truth. 

NO ONE… NO ONE… NO ONE has it ALL.  There are some who would argue that statement.  But deep down we all know the TRUTH. 

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ABC, DISNEY, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Hollywood, Sheep, Yucking it Up

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on February 28, 2008


Apparently, I have no sense of humor at all.  I’m sure people will think I’m a prude.  I’m not.  I’ve used vulgar language on occasion NOT as a regular old word to say in every sentence like the word “UM”.  I guess everyone wants to be a sailor these days or at least like the taste of potty mouth.  I guess for me the Jimmy Kimmel broadcast stepped over the line. 

I’m referring to the Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel use of ABC’s late night show to bring sophomoric humor to levels of Fucked-updom of speech (I don’t mean freedom of speech). 

I get the humor.  But this is nothing but shocking people into watching, shocking people into paying attention so they can get more money.  I call them SHOCKERITES!

During my generation we’ve gone from three TV channels to hundreds who continually need to bring in new revenue in a shrinking revenue market place.  So over the years the more a TV network revealed (up to the limit that the FCC would take) the edger, more “life like” and then they discovered that the shockers equaled more money.  You know sex, drugs and cussing…more money.

Late night had some taste about it when Johnny Carson was around (Letterman has this quality).  He was great at alluding to things and for heaven sake, isn’t that what makes it fun.  Let’s compare that to the fuck filled “sketch” done by Silverman and Kimmel.  I could have found it funny had they NOT said fuck every other word.  Why did they do it?  For SHOCK…they are SHOCKERITES.  Here, here, watch me, watch me, I’m “special” so come watch my show and wait for me to shock you again while I make more money. 

It has not been that long ago that one couldn’t say bitch, damn or bastard.  Fuck in all its glory will be coming soon to a TV near you without any cutesy sounds over it.  Full blown porno won’t be far behind, heck it is already here with splotches over it. 

I’m not like everyone else that seems to think this is a non-event.  I’m not impressed that all these Hollywood stars participated.  They are way too full of themselves NOT to appear on something like this.  Disney and ABC…you think they didn’t know that this was going to happen…of course they did…they had to approve it.  They were hoping that it would be the shocker of shockers that would bring more people to watch their late night show.  I’m hoping it will continue to be a non-event EXCEPT that people will quietly complain and take a stand against them where it HURTS…by not watching, not patronizing, taking their money away from them…apparently that is the only thing that means anything to “them” (or should I say us, a question for another time).

ABC was the last regular network that I watched regularly.  They’ve lost me and consequently my entire household.  The Disney trip we were planning for has been shelved.  There are lots of other parks to go to.  There are plenty of decent cable networks to watch with education, travel, science and more.  We have nature in all its glory, sports, books, art, music, board games, cards, writing, drawing, the internet, gaming systems and our endless imaginations to use instead of the tube.  

I’ve decided I’m tired of pandering, of turning a blind eye to it, of throwing my hands up into the air and saying oh well, what can I do about it.  So…I actually filed my first FCC complaint about it.  At some point I have to take a stand.  If we don’t stand for something we’ll fall for anything as the old saying goes.  The media doesn’t own my moral compass.

I’m tired of media people who think they are so above everyone.  I’m tired of the watch me, watch me junk.  I’m tired of being a sheep herded to where ever they tell us to go or how to live or what medicines to take or who is so wonderful by awarding themselves stuff on an awards show designed to make money for themselves and their cohorts.

I’m done with the Shockerites, the desperate way in which they try to hang on to our eyes, ears, but mostly our purse strings. 

If the line in the sand isn’t drawn, what is next?  Anarchy anyone, anyone?  Is there anyone to stand up for morals and ethics or boundaries or limitations? 

When is the line drawn in the sand for YOU?

I’m really DONE now!  😉

PS.  Apparently Disney keeps tabs of when they are discussed as someone dropped by to read this and my About page.  I hope they are listening and they realize that there are more than a few people out there like me.  I just happened to take action and then tell about it.  The silent majority needs to be less silent. 

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Advertisement, For Sale: Commercials, have you noticed?

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on February 13, 2008

Have you noticed the commercials lately? 

Hyundai their new mantra:   Rethink EVERYTHING

Dove   Campaign for REAL beauty, thank you DOVE!

Vaseline Intensive Care  You must see this, it is amazing! I love this type of art.  I tried to find the hands advertising campaign but found this instead.

There is a new one that I just caught a glimpse of recently but I can’t remember the product.  It was different parts of bodies that were of every age and color.  Real bodies with moles and wrinkles…I am amazed!  Tylenol is the product.

Just think of it, everyday people, how we really look, how we really feel…it is amazing!  I’ve never experienced this in my lifetime.  All the images in advertising have been telling me what I should be, what I should want, what I MUST HAVE…

Deprogramming feels good! 


Lest we beware that they are still trying to get our attention, still advertising a product but thankfully from OUR perspective instead of what “they” think we should be!

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