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Banter about the bizzy side of the autism buzz

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on November 18, 2007

s2400016.jpgIf you are concerned about the new buzz word “autism” or words “autistic spectrum” or think autism is the diagnosis du jour read more here (Mr. Blumer) and here (Mr. Sowell).   These are gentleman with whom you may(or may not) agree.  But I’m here to make MORE BUZZ as not to worry about how much more money may be wasted (see my responses to Mr. Blumer’s concern) on autism.

I first found Mr. Blumer’s blog and then read Mr. Sowell’s blog.  Even as someone who is all about autism awareness I can understand the concerns of those that don’t have an autistic in their immediate circle. I can understand the frustration of watching the media beating yet another drum of HIGH ALERT (they better think about the crying wolf fable).   I can understand that people don’t understand.  My own immediate family doesn’t always understand.  

Basically I can put to rest the economic concerns because like radical cancer or AIDs therapy, insurance doesn’t cover everything called “therapy” for autistic people either.   So consequently it comes out of the family purse.  Diagnosis must come from someone OTHER than a family doctor, generally a neurologist or neurodevelopmentalist and is some cases a psychologist (I prefer the neurodevelopmentalist myself) Although I can say that even doctors in specialities can’t agree about spectrum disorders and what constitutes true autism.  However this discussion has been going on for well over a decade.   

I have to mention a giant pet peeve of mine….in Mr. Sowell’s blog the responses had humor, upset and misunderstandings while Mr. Blumer and I had a reasonable discussion.  Why oh why can’t people seem to have reasonable discussions anymore???  I guess upset and discord sells these days.  And there sure are a lot of people making money off it.  I find it very hard to find sensibility these days.  So I’m going to be listening for more sensibility from Mr. Tom Blumer on WRKO this evening starting at 7pm. 

Sensible makes sense, buzzzz

I’m done now. 😉  


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He’s Only 18!

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 31, 2007

This is the same guy that I posted earlier. I just keep watching this video and marveling over his style and wondered if there was more out there about him. Then I found the following and knew I was watching genius.

Expressing oneself through dance is an art form.  This young man is an artist extraordinaire.  He is part illusionist, dancer, impressionist, and gymnist (note: he knows that wearing horizonal lines “highlight” his moves).  IMO this is what genius looks like in this genre. 

I am anxious to see when he has real money backing him because he is really more incredible than one can see in these grainy videos and low cost productions. 

He’s only 18 and his name is Phillip Chbeeb. 

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Hot Fashion Trend Alert for Women

Posted by TheCanvasGrey on October 25, 2007

TREND:  Women wearing their PJs (pajamas) to the store. 

THE RULES:  You may NOT wear baby dolls, gowns or house coats…that is tacky and what mama would wear.  It must be a shirt or hoodie with PJ bottoms and slippers!!!! 

My dear friends came to visit from another state last month.  She could hardly believe I was serious about this latest trend UNTIL she got back to her state walked into the store and first thing she saw was….yep.   We laughed for 2 solid minutes when she called on her cell.   

I guess we found this odd because the grocery store is the PERFECT place to meet the PERFECT eligible man (a man who cooks **wink wink nudge nudge**).

Over the last year I’ve seen everything from a green hoodie, white leggings with pink tulips and bunnie slippers to a yellow camisole, purple M.C. Hammer pants with grandpa slippers.  Some looked not bad…others looked ridiculous! RE-DIC-YOU-LESS cause ya ain’t catching a man you’d want in a get-up like that! 

Although I may now consider investing in THESE as the next WHAT TO WEAR!


UPDATE 12/12/07  Ladies, ladies…. alert alert…I kid you not! At school pick up I saw it! Yellow as the sun PJ shirt, brown pj pants and TWEETY YELLOW slippers…fluffy yellow slippers. The trend GROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 12/19/07  Come on people!  This is becoming the thing to do in our area.  I see the slippers out on the street now…BIG FLUFFIES!  We all better hurry over to this website to purchase these before they are SOLD OUT!

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